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Yeller Freezy Pop 2.0

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Golden Frieza


Battle Cards:


2 Elite Force Captain Ginyu

4 Mecha Frieza, The Returning Terror

4 Avenging Frieza

4 Ginyu Force Burter

4 Ginyu Fore Jeice

4 Ginyu Force Guldo

4 Ginyu Force Recoome

4 Dodoria, The Emperor’s Attendant

2 Son Goten, Family of Justice

2 Furthering Destruction Champa


Extra Cards:


4 Frieza’s Call

4 Crusher Ball

4 Cold Bloodlust

2 Recoome Eraser Gun

2 Bad Ring Laser


Updated version of my previous Freiza deck. Realized how godlike Crusher Ball is and bumped those up to 4, dropped Hellish Terror for 2 more Mecha Frieza and loaded up on the good Ginyus and dropped Sorbet. This version flows WAAAYYY better and isn't nearly as cluttered.

Any advice is appreciated.


MAJOR UPDATE: So after testing I have been slowly sorting out what works and what doesn't. Full Power Frieza saw ZERO play and King Cold got used ONCE. Now the only thing above a 4 drop is Ginyu, dropped Cold and Full Power Frieza and made Goten and Champa 2 ofs, and added Two Elite Force Ginyu and 4 Recoome. Now Avenging Frieza, Jeice, and Frieza's Call have lots of targets and I am going to do more testing tonight, but in theory this deck should flow even better.

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I'm gonna put this together and give it a spin, but do you frequently whiff with Avenging Frieza? He doesn't seem very consistent with so few 2-cost-or-less cards in there.


Update: Boy, Avenging Frieza doesn't miss nearly as much as I thought it would and the deck thins itself out super fast!

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