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The Bear's Green Broly

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Leader Card: Broly



Broly's Ring and Paragus are 4-of simply because I never got the ring out when I was running 3/2 in the one game I played with a previous version (and still won).  This deck focuses on a war of attrition that you should win with Broly's Ring in play.  The deck does not mind taking damage early on to awaken; the Krillins and Full Power Energy cards help mitigate damage afterwards.  Once you awaken you have access to a key combo in this deck: Bio Warrior Army recursion.


Bio Warrior Army recursion happens like this:

- Play Bio Warrior Army and then attack.  Having 15k power for a 2 cost makes this an effective offensive card even after the opponent awakens.

- Attack with awakened Broly leader and choose to move Bio Warrior Army to drop zone.

- Use the effect of Bio Warrior Army to pitch a card and play BWA.

- Attack again with BWA.

All together this gives you 3 attacks with 15k power each turn, all at the cost of one card from hand.  Comboing with FD Champa at the right time makes this combo even better.


Evolving Slasher Trunks into Implacable helps you win the war of attrition, as does Energy Power Gotenks.


The spells are mostly for BC removal and counters.  King Vetega's Attack can really catch people off guard.


As always, I welcome feedback and questions.


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Is champa really worth running just for the double strike?  I understand that you can combo with it for game but how often does that come up?

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