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First shot at Beerus

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Leader: Beerus

Battle cards:

 Guardian North Kai x4

Boost Attack Piccolo x3

Taunting Piccolo x4

Kind Saiyan Goku x4

Rapid Spirit Ball Son Goku x4

Overflowing Spirit SSGSS Goku x2

Assailant Vageta x4

Vegas Prince of Speed x3

God Charge Vegeta x1

Energy Boost Beerus x4

Beerus General of Demolition x1

Whis The Resting Attendant x4

Son Goten Family of Justice x3

Ultimate Judgment Jaco x4

Extra Cards:

Whis's Coercion x4

Objection x4

Senzu Bean x4

Encouraging Presence Monaka x3

Update: got to play test, is dosn't do dmg fast , took Whis out to high cost never used him, added more double strike stuff to dish out more dmg. Added ultimate jaco get rid of high combos. Let me know what you think


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This may be a controversial opinion but I think Objection is a terrible card. Leaving you at a -2 card disadvantage for an extra energy isn't worth it imo, I think Whis is WAY better for energy ramp. Bulma grabs him, the energy comes from your deck not your hand, and comes in a 10K body.

Also as a rule of thumb every color needs to run 4 of their card that combos for 10K and a draw when awakened. (Dodoria for Yellow, Piccolo for Blue, Vados for Red, and Trunks for Green)

Also remember, blue isn't about doing damage fast, it is about ramping your energy to play stronger cards early and lay down the big beatsticks quick. In that regard I would add a second Beerus, General of Demolition that is the best card in this deck.

Hope that helps!

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Counterpoint: Objection is a phenomenal card when used effectively.

Sure, having to play the energy from your hand could leave you at a disadvantage, but it is not uncommon to have 7+ cards in your hand in this game.  I wouldnt play objection with only a few cards in my hand, but typically I have enough cards in my hand in blue that I dont mind pitching one for extra energy early on.  Once I have a Whis in my hand all other Bulmas and Whis become fodder for natural energy and Objection, should I draw into it.  After I have played one Objection should I draw into another it usually is pitched for energy.


Another thing: Objection makes Whis better.  I like to play Objection on turns 2-3 and Whis on turn 3-5.  I have dropped Objection on turn 3 followed by attacking with Goku and using a senzu bean in the battle to then drop Whis, giving me a total of 5 energy (and 1 unspent from Whis, allowing me to counter with Whis's Coercion during opponents turn). Then during my turn 4 I can play 5 and 6 cost cards, using the Goku leader to free up energy for counters and combos during the opponents turn.  Playing Vegeta, Prince of Speed or Beerus, General of Demolition both can be played earlier and help even out the hand advantage you may have given up playing objection.




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Main Buu is a great card. Low cost with card replacement that can be used for a zero cost combo when needed. 

The 12 cost Whis is fool's gold at this point of the game. You will not be able to drop 12 energy in a game before you or your opponent win.

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You can say the same about Bulma. Both her and Buu's purpose is to give you a free card, then sit there until you need to combo as one would rarely ever attack/KO them on purpose unless they were innocent bystanders from a Goten, Family of Justice with no other targets. They also help mitigate the hand loss from playing Objection.

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Buu is definitely worth running. He replaces himself and lets you go through your deck faster. One of the great things about Blue that I have found is that all the 1 drop cards you play just for their effects like Kind Saiyan Goku, Bulma, and Buu are great for free combos later in the game. I have been in situations where I have been able to dodge multiple attacks later in the game by just pushing all those now useless cards into the combo area.

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14 hours ago, Nelynel12 said:

It doesn't matter how you play objection. 

It doesn't matter when you play objection 

the card is minus 2 and and it's always going to be a minus 2.

Don't play this card. 

Actually it can also be a -3 if you are on turn 2 and have to use an energy to play it in the first place :P

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First off. Objection is great. This isn't Yu Gi Oh, card advantage is not EVERYTHING early in the game. Towards the end of the game you are drawing tons of cards due to damage, awakening, Boost Attack Piccolo, and the Leader Auto. Getting ahead on mana is extremely important in my eyes. 


A few general notes/questions.


-Play 4x Energy Boosted Majin Buu in every Blue deck

-Why only 3 Boost Attack Piccolo?

-Id recommend playing 3x of the 4 drop Whis with 4x Bulma to grab him.

-You are playing the Goku line with 0 God breaks...any reason?

- Monaka is outshined by Furthering Destruction Champa



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