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1x Vegeta

2x God Rush Son Goku
2x SS3, Son Goku, Maximum Energy
4x Energy Boosted Majin Buu
2x Rapid Spirit Ball Son Goku
2x Vegeta, Prince of Speed
1x Beerus, General of Demolition
4x Boost Attack Piccolo
4x Kind Saiyan Son Goku
2x Assailant Vegeta
3x Bulma, God Tempter
2x Energy Boost Beerus
4x Whis,the Resting Attendant
4x Guardian North Kai
4x Encouraging Presence Monaka
4x Whiss Coercion
4x Senzu Bean
2x Overflowing Spirit SSGSS Son Goku


I am way to lazy to separate the card types, sorry. This deck is extremely fast and very powerful. Now on to my explanation.

For the Goku engine, I play 4 of the searcher and 2 copies of each bigger goku. I believe this is the most consistent and balance numbers for this engine. 

I don't play objection because it's a minus 2 and whis is a far better card. 

I play 4x Encouraging Presence Monaka This card is a staple in the vegeta decks. It replaces it self and it give your critical vegeta double strike. It's probably one of the best cards. 


Everything else is just standard. If you have any questions about any card. I can explain it to you. 

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Play Objection man. All the "oh its negative" sounds legit on paper but in practice it's stupid good. There is no better turn 2 for Vegeta than playing an objection. You are only going to play the card once, MAYBE twice to begin with anyway but you want 4 so it shows up in your first hand.

Also Champa is better than Monaka. Because Monaka is telegraphing to your opponent that they have to block. Champa is a surprise AND adds 10K.

King Kai doesn't really serve a purpose in vegeta either.

Also you should either be running 4 Bulma AND 4 Whis or 4 Bulma and 3 Whis. You never want to actually draw Whis you want to search him with Bulma.

Stick another Beerus General in as well.

I personally don't like the Goku engine in Vegeta. You're better off with God Break Goku and the two Critical effect Goku and Vegeta (The 4 and 3 drop respectively).

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