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Mason Knox

Introduction and Harley Quinn Deck!!

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Hey everyone, my name is Mason Knox and I am going to be posting a frequent amount of MetaX content for TopTier starting today!!

For those who don't know me, I am a big TCG lover. I play, or have played a lot of the current hot games out right now and have a competive outlook on my deck design and gameplay strategy.
That being said, I will also be posting fun and theme driven decks from time to time too, so it'll a mix of casual and competitive content. I have experience in MTG, Yugioh, Pokemon, Star Wars Destiny, DB super, Panini DBZ, and now MetaX!!
I was in love with Panini DBZ and am sad at it's departure, but in its place we got MetaX which has proven to be an easy to learn TCG game with potential for mass appeal by crossing IP's to make for unheard of team-ups and battles. 


My first deck today is going to be a solid pick for early tournaments. It takes advantage of Harley Quinn by letting her go crazy, and take her self out for your victory! Paired with her we run Bizzaro, who allows you to copy the ability of any other character on the field. Alongside the suicide of our favorite girl, we run the immortal Ra's al Ghul to bring your fallen friends back to fight and die again. Our last super-friend to join the squad is Firestorm. Similar in nature he kills himself to pave the way for your deck to succeed. Here is the list!!
(YouTube video with this deck breakdown at the bottom.)

3x Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel
3x Harley Quinn, Former Psychiatrist 
3x Bizzaro, Imperfect Duplicate
2x Ra's al Ghul, The Demon's Hand
2x Firestorm, Nuclear Man
1x Joker, Certifiably Insane

1x Rise From the Ashes
2x Rebirth
2x Reinforcements
3x Microscopic Victory

3x STR 1 (C31-JL)
3x SPC 2 (C39-JL)
3x INT 2 (C38-JL)
3x INT 3 (C42-JL)
2x SPC 4 (C47-JL)
1x INT 4 (U93-JL)
3x INT 5 (C51-JL)

The concept of the deck is pretty simple. Use Harley's to get VPs, and dig to find your Microscopics for the final pushes.
You have two different Harleys here. One who wants to die in combat, and one who wants to push for instant VPs. This is really cool when Bizzaro wants to copy abilities because taking either Harley effect is worth doing and puts you one step closer to victory. Firestorm is used to clear out the Constantines and Doomsdays in your way, or any problem guys really. You run one joker to tutor a Harley, and we run ways to recur them both! Ra's is used to bring back dead Harley or Bizzaro to die yet again for more VP.

The battle cards in the 1 and 2 slot are some solid MP generation and card draw, as well as a power shut off card. When Firestorm wont show his face!
The 3 slot is used to recycle dead Harleys and Jokers back into the deck. 
The 4 slots are huge MP gains, and a block that can stack a Harley back on top of your deck.
The 5 slot is an attack that re-uses other battle cards.

Rebirth is for Harley and key battle cards, Reinforcements is for re using draw power battle cards mostly, and Microscopic Victory is a win con.

Let me know what you think of this first deck! (I've attached pictures below)
I am going to be doing some more deck profiles tonight and later this week so check back!

(Images from metaxdb.com. Great deck building tool, check it out!!!)

XR143-JL.jpgR109-JL.jpgXR144-JL.jpg      R120-JL.jpgC51-JL.jpgC39-JL.jpg
U74-JL.jpgC6-JL.jpgC17-JL.jpg      C38-JL.jpgC42-JL.jpgU93-JL.jpg




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