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New player just made this randomly

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its missing:  'kind saiyan son goku x4' didn't show in there for some reason

made this deck 3 days ago i'm new to the game so i don;t know much so what you guys think


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I love Beerus leader, been having some success with him.  First, I would bump Whis's Coercion and Senzu Bean up to 4x; this one is a no brainer. I prefer King Kai over Piccolo, would put Kai at 4x and remove Pic; this is because Piccolo costs 2 for a blocker, sure hes harder to kill but usually my blockers are just there to eat one attack and die.  Next, I would add Objection to this deck; a turn 2 objection gives you 3 energy and gives you access to Beerus's board destruction skill, which is vital.  I would also add some Result of Training cards; this card is awesome in this deck.  Too often the opponent will leave you at 5/6 life in order NOT to push you to awakening too early. 


As Shoryu pointed out, also put Boost Attack Piccolo at 4x.  The God Rush Goku is neat but there are better high cost cards to play with this deck; usually you can nuke your opponents blockers with the Beerus Skill.


In my Beerus deck the game plan is:

Opening hand -> you want to have Objection and Whis/Bulma.

Turn 1 King Kai for [Blocker] or Bulma if you do not have a Whis in hand.

Turn 2 Objection in order to get access to Beerus power.

Turn 3 Whis to get to 5 energy now.

Turn 4 start whooping ass.

In general you want to use the copies of Objection, Bulma, and Whis that you dont play as energy.

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