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Buying Dragon Ball Super Card Game - EVERYTHING

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Looking for the following Non-foil tournament promos, and paying the listed price shipped:
Cell x4 ($15 each)
Goku x4 ($35 each)
Frieza x3 ($15 each)
Cooler x4 (12 each)
Broly x4 ($45 each)
Any not listed I will buy, but only for $10 each.

Broly: $25
Goku/Hit: $20
Frieza: Accepting Donations

Broly: $10
Beerus: $8

I'm buying all rares at .25 a piece. Will buy bulk.

Looking for the following:
Senzu Beans xX
Objections xX
Boost Attack Piccolo xX
Furthering Destruction Champa xX
Paying .25 each.

PM me if you want a no questions, easy sale or if you're selling in bulk.

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On 8/25/2017 at 0:38 AM, soviet prince said:

will you buy just uncommon and uncommons

Only off the posted list unless it's a filled 800 count card box, and for that I'm only paying $5.

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