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Help with Ginyu

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As the title says, I am building my firdr deck and i am feeling Blue/Yellow for myself and Ginyu gives me a hardon wirh a gamble playstyle. So here's what i have so far 


Leader - Ginyu (shocker!)


4x Elite Force Captain Ginyu
 - 4x Ultimate Judgment Jaco
 - 4x Whis's Coercion
 - 4x Senzu Bean
 - 4x Frieza's Call
 - 4x Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant,
 - 4x Burter

-4x Jeice

-4x Guldo

-4x Racoom

-4x Crushing Ball

-4x Eraser Gun

-4x Bad Laser Ring

-4x Goten 




I don't even know the quantity I have of cards here. Did I just buy alot of 4 of in the colors I like because they were a quarter or less? Yes. I also might get that crazy combo Champa based on Shoryuu's advice. 

Before I really sleeve it and take it to my firsr local which are said to be super casual, should I lool to add anything to this list? Anything I have I shouldn't put in the deck? Shoryuu said Eraser Gun snd I can kindasee why. 

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You need the uncommon Mecha Frieza x4. He is a victory condition for Yellow. I'd probably cut a Ginyu. You don't need Frieza's Call (its better in Frieza decks). Eraser Gun and Bad Ring Laser are unnecessary. I'd run Appule and Sui because they can attack an awakened leader early, if need be (and put out constant pressure).

I have a Mono-Yellow Ginyu list that I Top 4'd with at a 16 player event. I can share it. Was saving it for a deck video, but EH...:

Mecha-Frieza, The Returning Terror x4
Frieza, Hellish Terror x2
Ginyu Force Jeice x4
Son Goten, Family of Justice x3
Appule x4
Ginyu Force Burter x4
Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant x4
Sui x4
Ginyu Force Recoome x4
Crusher Ball x4
Sorbet, The Loyal Commander x4
Ginyu Force Guldo x4
Avenging Frieza x4
Elite Force Captain Ginyu

Mulligan for as many copies of Sorbet, Avenging Frieza, and Dodoria as possible. Send back any Ginyu force (we want them in our life). Use Ginyu power every turn (even if you start first in the game - it can make a big swing). Don't block with Sorbet unless you're going to lose - use his power and Dodoria to push final damage as much as possible (discarding a 5000k combo or a Crusher Ball can during to 10-15K easily). Evolving an Avenging Frieza to a Hellish Terror can push out quick end game damage. If they attack when you have 5 energy out, play out a mecha-frieza to win the game (keep an energy open for a Crusher Ball). You don't really need Captain Ginyu since you usually win on T4 or T5 tops, but he's fun to include in the deck if it goes that far (I run a Promo Frieza, but he can win the game just as easily).

If your metagame is more control than weenie aggro, swap out in the main deck the 3x Goten for another Ginyu and 2x Furthering Destruction Champa.

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Thanksguys. I've been playing the phone app to practice as I have to go out of town to play. 

The one thing I really like about Freizas Call is a deck search.  I can use that to count my ginyu member's and deduce how mamy, and who, are in my life. 

I'm confused how you can make someone not awaken. It seems to be a defense ability and I haven't seen any 5-strike cards. 

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39 minutes ago, sh0ryu_repp4 said:

You leave them at 5 life and just build your board until you can blow them out in one turn.

I get that much. But each attack is seperate and after attack 1, that leaves them less than 4 life, they can awaken in the defensive step.



Ginyu atracks, gies though, they are now at ehhhh lets say 3 life. 

Burter attacks, i don't play any combos. They awaken as a reaction. 



If that's not how it works, my app lies. 

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Based on what singles I could get, thid is my current list. I think I may find ways to add in Appule, and I wish I had Champa's to put in. I also don't know how big a side deck can be. 



Leader: Ginyu

The ginyu force lot x16

Cap Ginyu x2

Appule x2

Cui x4

Sorbert x4

Freiza avenging x4

Freiza The Terror x2

Seiscum x1 

Goten x2 (the combo one)

Freiza's call x4

Crusher ball x4

Dodoria x4

Mecha Freiza x3 (only had 3 to buy) 



I haven't played anyone yet, but just sitting and pretending to playthe deck should win or lose by turn 4. I really like freizas call to grab Burter who pretty has no downside withit. I may drop it down to a 2 of though. Currently my side deck is 

Jaco x4

Cap Ginyu x2

Roided out tripple strike freiza x2

Senzu bean x4

Whis Concern x4


This gives the option of adding in blue card depending on the matchup. I also like Togoma (?) Who protects your other cards. Before the saturday event I'll check the singles again to see if they have more Appules, Mecha freiza, and Champa. 


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I won a local with this this week. My first DBS event at that! 


Deck update! The one cars I forget the name of is the new Feeiza who goes into play after a combo. 

Guldo, Jeice, Burter, Recoome x16
Cap Ginyu X2
Powerful Bond Ginyu Force x3
Sorbet x4
Freiza Avenging x4
Freiza the terror x2
Mecha Freiza X4
Freiza set 2 cool combo power x2
Dodoria x4
Crushing Ball x4
Cold Bloodlust x1
Freizas call x2
Son Goten protector of justice x2


Side seck

Big bad Laster ring x2

Appule x4

Cui x3

Cap ginyu x2

Ultimate Jaco x3

Freiza set 2 cool combo power x1

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