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Artificial Human

Namekian Radiant Piccolo

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I wanted to try something new. Still ended up a Beats deck primarily, but it should be able to Dragon Ball Victory. Earth DB over Namekian + Restored or Knowledge simply because my friend mains Namekian Knowledge Piccolo still, two years on, and won't try anything else. This should be perfectly doable in Orange too, probably a little better there because more Anger and can shut off Endurance, but why not Namekian? All I've ever done with Namekian is take advantage of all the Remain cards and make Physical Beats.

Fan Z

No Ultra Rares

Namekian Radiant Mastery

Piccolo Stoic
Piccolo Combat Stance
Piccolo Unleashed
Piccolo Revitalized

1 Earth Dragon Ball 1
1 Earth Dragon Ball 2
1 Earth Dragon Ball 3
1 Earth Dragon Ball 4
1 Earth Dragon Ball 4
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Earth Dragon Ball 6
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7

 1 Kami

2 Visiting the Past
1 Dragon Radar
1 Information Gathering
1 Namekian Wish
2 Namekian Fusion
1 Namekian Dragon Clan

1 Time is a Warriors Tool
3 Confrontation
3 Namekian Hybrid Defense

3 Namekian Flinch

3 Optic Blast
3 Namekian Planned Attack
3 Namekian Onslaught
2 Namekian Double Strike
3 Namekian Palm Shots
3 Namekian Salvo
3 Namekian Training Ball
3 Namekian Surge
2 Namekian Resourceful Shot
3 Namekian Force Push

3 Namekian Stance
3 Namekian Deflection

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Yay for unusual deck ideas!  Namekian sure does have some great energy attacks. 

I can't do the whole Namekian control deck.  It's by far my worst style in Pan Z (which is backwards from Score Z where I was all Namekian physical beats all the time...well Cell Games and beyond that is). 

I have a Nail Resotred unleashed + Namekian Backhand abuse physical beats but I don't think it's competitive.  Just for fun.  Haven't tried Namekian energy yet.

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I know you might be switching to Kami but...

Is Radiant the only way you're leveling up? If that's the case, you might be better off putting more Allies and using Gohan Vengeance 1 and Premiere 2 for the life card boost.

Whenever I build a beats deck (or really most decks), I have to play Tug to get rid of Ox King. He just shuts these decks down.  I'm sure you're aware unless this was tailored for your playgroup.

I don't see you reaching 3 to get the full use of Flinch, so why not Clamp instead? I'm also for adding Buffer. With the additional endurance on both of those, Stance feels really meh these days even if it isn't banish after use.

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@Mysterious Youth I haven't had a chance to change anything, but I didn't really think much about getting past Level 2. Looking at it, it's a pretty big problem with the build. I guess I could run Namekian Leaping Kick to level.

That said, I didn't give much thought to Gohan as I was trying to give Piccolo a whirl as he's still rocking Namekian Knowledge Piccolo to this day. Gohan isn't a bad idea. I haven't built Kami yet, but Gohan seems a bit more straight forward. I like the idea.

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I wasn't thinking about leaving level 2 at all though Piccolo Unleashed isn't a bad place for beats and/or Ball victory. It's just that both of Piccolo's level 1s are awful at this point in the game and there just doesn't seem to be enough anger for you to get off 1 let alone 2 in this deck without Unleashed or Namekian Leaping Kick (which has no place here) whereas unless you're playing against Broly or they hit too many Tugs, Gohan will eventually get to 2.

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