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Artificial Human

Orange Adaptive No18

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Here's the second half of the Android Decks. This one was more inspired by a deck posted on Retro. Can do Triple Threat, but MPPV seems hard. Optic Blast should be kept back vs Namekian so you can try to take NB1. Should probably run Earth Balls, for vs Namekian Knowledge, but eh. NB1 gives +1 LC Damage.

Fan Z

No Ultra Rares

Orange Adaptive Mastery

Android 18 Directing
Android 18 Prepared
Android 18 Effective
Android 18 Determined

1 Android 16
1 Android 20

3 Stare Down
1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
3 Orange Juke

2 Visiting the Past

1 Android Attack Drill
1 Orange Aura Drill
1 Orange Steady Drill
1 Orange Burning Aura Drill
1 Orange Focusing Drill
1 Orange Hiding Drill
1 Orange Energy Dan Drill
1 Orange Captivity Drill

3 Orange Refocus

3 Overpowering Attack
3 Android 18's Toss
3 Android 18's Destructo Disk
2 Blinding Energy Move
3 Optic Blast
3 Orange Distracting Beam
3 Orange Stare Down
3 Orange Power Point
3 Orange Rage
3 Orange Offensive Strike
3 Orange Precise Shot
3 Orange Fierce Attack

3 Orange Energy Absorption

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Got to try this deck the other day, the DBV was a complete waste of time because it went like a hot knife through butter. Orange Fierce Attack + Mastery + 18 Prepared + Android Attack Drill + Orange Aura Drill was just resulting in sexy attacks dealing 12ish Life Cards and they can't endure it, so I just went whole hog.

I'm really tempted to try Hero 18, because all the buffs, but I really don't want to lose the 20 Ally. Orange Fierce Attack or not.

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On 12/10/2017 at 2:08 AM, Denithan said:

My biggest, and most pressing, question. Is this deck okay on the defensive? o-O

I've yet to see it on the defensive, but I did figure having no safe guards for Physical Decks now my friend is starting to switch gears was a mistake, so I made some changes.


-Orange Energy Dan Drill
+Android Efficiency Drill
-Orange Precise Shot
+Orange Quick Dodge

Thinking about changing Dodge to Swerve though, but I'd need to print it out. Also considering -Orange Hiding Drill +Namek Dragon Ball 6.

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