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Crazy Sealed/"Draft" Format I'm Running

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I have a group of friends who've never bought physical cards, we've always played on OCTGN...so bringing a Mastery and MP stack for a "rainbow draft" wouldn't really be viable.


We found BOXES of starter decks for under 20 USD each, so we're running a "draft" where each player opens a Premiere deck, an Evolution deck, and an Awakening deck, and builds entirely based on what's in those.  (I thought including the premiere deck was a good idea, because it provides even support for all six colors....so there's pulls relevant to whatever you pull in the other two.)


I kind of hope someone pulls Awakening Trunks and Enraged mastery to run faster/enzo Ferrari Trunks xD

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The only thing that kind of sucks is the possibility of pulling personalities/masteries that focus on things like named cards or specific card types.  I feel sorry for anyone who gets Awakening Cell without pulling a Gohan or Piccolo in the other decks.  Also, Hercule without Dynamite Kick....or Tag Team Mastery with only Tien....and Radiant Mastery with only one Dragon Ball.

I thought about throwing packs in too....but there's too many problems with what sets support which personalities etc

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