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Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

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Dragoborne seems to have been dead on arrival. I can't find anywhere that seams to care and the only friend I know has tried it said he hated the die for the rng. Can't say I'd like it myself for that reason, frankly I was hoping it was more of a Magic Clone. Don't know how it is in the old US of A, but down here, nadda. But this seems a bit of par the course of Bushiroad these days in Australia. Both Luck and Logic and to a lesser extent Buddyfight had similar problems. I know some places still play Buddyfight, but it's really rare. Nothing like Vanguard or really, even WS. WS is rare, but seems to have a more devoted fan base and easier to find.

Vanguard truly was lightning in a bottle me thinks.

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