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So I went to a Union Force Release Tournament this past weekend and for the first time EVER (in ANY game) I won a tournament! I'm so unbelievably happy and proud of the result! I have been slowly placing higher and higher in each tournament I attended and this was my first time making Top 8 and I never expected to make it this far! I pulled a foil Vegito in my promo pack and got the 4 10K boost cards (traded away the Trunks tho) and I was running Monoblue Vegeta.

During 5 rounds of Swiss the only Set 2 card I ran was the Trunks that lets you untap an energy when you combo with it. Once I made Top 8 I swapped that out for FD Champa. My entire deck in all of Top 8 was all Set 1 lol

Overall I had a great time and I am looking forward to more victories in the future! I have another release tournament this Saturday and a Case tournament on Sunday! I will be sure to keep y'all posted!


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Kill it man! Toptier did well this weekend as I won my first DBS Tournament and it looked like Justin won those Winner Promo's. 


You should post your deck too man, and give us a report of the event, as I want to read The Epic of Sh0ryu.


Also, Dibs on and promo 17's you pull :P

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Yay!  Yeah make a report!  Those are super fun to read (I may not play the game but it will still be fun to read).  I have yet to claim 1st place at any event because I am "So-Close Second Place Guy."' -_-

Story of my life. So many 2nds.  Just let me have one, dammit!

Flaunt your victory, complete with cool poses.

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