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“Shoryu’s Final Round”

So I had somebody (@Vile) ask for a tournament report of my first tournament victory, so here I am to oblige. The tournament was at Cool Stuff Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida. It was the Union Force release tournament. On the line were the 10K “Winner” Combo cards for Top 8, a trophy for 1st, and a TP2 Promo pack for everyone who entered. Plus, packs for attendance.


I had debated for awhile on what to actually play at the event. My mind was set on Vegito for awhile, but the closer I got to the day of the release of Set 2 (which was the day before the tournament) I realized a couple of things. One, that I would have no idea what I would be able to get from my preorders (I pre ordered two boxes and a special pack), and there was a very good chance I wouldn’t get everything I needed and I didn’t want to run a half assed deck. Second, Vegito is VERY tough to figure out. Pre release nobody was quite sure what the best or optimal ratios were. With the ability to use ALL of the good Goku and Vegeta cards, there were just too many options.


After talking with a friend, I made a decision that I was going to stick with Vegeta. I had changed the deck up from its previous incarnations and it was running better than it had ever been. I had just beaten a VERY good player at locals on Halloween so I was feeling very confident with the deck. Plus, Vegeta is such a solid deck with so many good options, that I felt it would have the best shot among everyone trying to figure out what the best Cell/Vegito/Zamasu/Black Goku decks were. Go with what you know, and with what you know works. I ventured into the store an hour early to hang out with friends, scope out the competition and pick up some trades. We had 28 people when the tournament started with 5 rounds of swiss waiting for us.


Round 1 – Green Cell (Lose)


I started playing a friend of mine who is a VERY good TCG player, he competes at YGO majors all of the time and is an overall fantastic player. I had yet to actually play him before in a tournament either in Super or PanZ (which he also played). I started off the match keeping a very, VERY close eye on his hand count and mine. I tried not to overload my hand too much so that if a 7 drop Cell came out it wouldn’t hurt as much. I was able to Beerus a second form Cell before he went Perfect which definitely helped. It was down to my opponent’s last turn, if he didn’t win this turn he would have nothing left. Using Cell’s Awakened Leader ability he removed a card from under Cell to draw 2 cards… and drew Perfect Cell. He admitted afterwards that if he hadn’t had lucked into that Cell I was going to win. Luck of the draw was against me and I had taken what would be my only loss of the day. Even though I lost I wasn’t feeling down because I had almost beaten a VERY good player and only lost to a lucky draw. There were 4 rounds to go and I was not out of it yet.


Round 2 – Red Set 2 Uncommon Goku (Win)


After one round, I was stuck at the last table. I was playing another friend who I knew from my brief stint with Star Wars Destiny. After we rolled to see who went first, I advised him that that would be the ONLY die roll he gets out of this game. We both had a laugh about it. I wasn’t too worried about this deck, but I wasn’t ready to call this match free or anything like that. Turn 2 he was able to bring out the SR Gohan. He immediately swung after one of my battle cards, and I was able to keep it alive and save my life. The next turn I was able to take out the Gohan and attack his leader. During this attack he used his Old Kai for combo power and lost it. I think this was a mistake on his end because another Gohan would have been a lot harder for me to deal with and he never saw another one for the entire match. With no Gohans in sight and keeping an eye on his hand size, I was able to whittle his health down to 0.


Round 3 – Blue Vegeta (Win)


Next up was another friend of mine, someone who I consider the best Vegeta player in Florida, who is sponsored by a shop in Miami. Again, we had never played each other until now. We both run monoblue Vegeta, but our decks were very different. He had elected to add more Set 2 stuff than I had. Throughout all of Swiss the only Set 2 cards I had added was the Trunks card that untaps an energy when you combo with it on your turn. That proved to be the deciding factor. Our first three turns were every Vegeta’s first three turns lol. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. I honestly don’t remember much about the mid game, I was so in the zone trying to outplay my friend that looking back it is kind of a blur. On the 6th or 7th turn I realized I had everything I needed for the kill. I had all my Piccolo’s, extra combo fodder, and Whis’ Coercion for the next turn in case there was one. He had only used one or two Piccolos so I couldn’t be sure that the rest weren’t in his hand. I had summoned God Charge Vegeta and went to work. He had taken a long time to consider whether to block the first or second attack because either option could have been lethal for him. He didn’t have the resources to stop two Critical attacks from my Vegeta when I had all four Piccolos in my hand. In the end, a lot of Vegeta mirrors can just come down to who has their Piccolos and their negates and that determines the game. I could not believe that I had won. In one week I had beaten who I consider two of the best players in the state. I was on cloud nine, but I wasn’t going to rest on my laurels.

Round Four – Blue/Red Vegeta (Win)


My next opponent played a very off beat variant of Vegeta. I am of the mind that Monoblue Vegeta is the best version of Vegeta, and matches like this show why. The consistency of Monoblue is the most important factor. I don’t remember much about this match because something happened on the last turn. It was my opponent’s turn and he was ready to attack. He asked me a question, and I thought he was referring to Vegeta’s secondary awakened effect. I said that I didn’t have the 10K power up because that only works on my turn. He then proceeded to go all in with a massive combo hand, assuming I was at 15K when I had used two Senzu Beans on his previous attack. He then proceeded to get upset saying that I had misinformed him about Vegeta’s power. Confused I asked why and he said that he had asked me (in reference to Vegeta) “What’s his base?”. Not only had I not heard his question, my answer to this alleged question wouldn’t have made any sense and he proceeded with his attack anyway. Secondly, I have no idea what “base” means. I come from fighting games and I have only ever seriously played PanZ and Super before. I had never heard this expression before in my life. The judge was called over and after much deliberation it was decided that it is both player’s responsibility to keep track of the game state and that if the opponent doesn’t understand the question being asked then it isn’t misinformation. Upset at this news he scooped and gave up the game. I had not even entered my combo step and I told him he could take back the move but he didn’t seem to care. It became a joke after the fact, but I felt a little miffed about the situation. I honestly had no idea what the term meant, didn’t even hear the question, and gave an answer to what I thought the question was that he gave no response to. I was given a “warning” by the Judge which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. What was my warning exactly? To know things I had never heard of before? Be that as it may, that was all in the past and I had the win.

Round Five – Blue Vegeta (Draw)


I had FINALLY made it. After years of attending tournaments between PanZ and now Super, I was at the big boy’s table. I was table 4 and everyone at Top 8 decided to just draw and move on to Top 8 without risking our spots. Being my first time in this situation I went along with it. DBS has no ruling against Intentional Draws and, let’s be real here, every tournament for every game everywhere does it. Top 8 had just done the same at that very store during the pre release event (that the Judge of this event was in the Top 8 of I might add. I don’t know whether he drew or not, but he was in the Top 8 the previous week). We still played along though and drew, played energy, played cards, attacked, awakened, etc. Then the other big “controversy” of the event happened. Our Judge decided that nobody was allowed to draw. Which makes no sense. There is nothing in the rules saying that we couldn’t and we followed end of round procedures to a T. The Judge then declared that we had to keep playing and started making up tie breaker rules like “whoever decks out first”, which then changed to “whoever deals a damage first” (which really makes no sense with cards like Vegeta and Ginyu…). Everyone in Top 8 was furious, especially me. This was my first time at the top table and I was NOT going to let this nonsense slide. I pulled the official tournament regulations from the DBS site and showed them to the employee of the store who was running the event. He pulled the judge, along with another player who judges that was playing that day instead, and had a discussion. After a few minutes they came back and declared that, yes, everyone tied. I do not understand the reasoning for why the Judge decided to act this way, but I am happy I stood my ground. Before I went to the store employee he was telling us to decide the match with a die roll… it was nuts. But luckily, everything worked out in the end. Top 8 was called and I was #7.


Round Six - Blue Vegeta (Win)


After we were given our 4 pack of “WINNER” cards the first match of Top 8 began. I had never seen this player before and we started Game 1. He out Vegeta’d me and took the first game. It was then that I decided to side some cards out. I took out the Set 2 Trunks card, which was doing me no good, and sided in FD Champa. My entire deck was now Set 1 cards. Round Two began and I took it using the Champa cards early with Vegeta to push advantage. Double Strike with Critical on Turn 2 or 3 can be devastating. The opponent either doesn’t have enough power to stop it, or if they do they would have to dump their entire hand so early on. Even though he awakened before me thanks to the Champa attack I was able to out tempo him in the 3rd game as well. I still couldn’t believe I had made it this far.


Round Seven - Blue Vegeta (Win)


Yes, ANOTHER Vegeta lol. This was the same person that I drew with before Top 8 started, so this time we actually got to play. I used Champa to push early advantage again in the first game and won. My opponent was using all blue cards, and before Round 2 started he sided out some cards. When Game 2 started I realized he had done the same thing I had done and sided in FD Champa. We were both able to Champa each other, which brought us even again, and he was able to take Game 2. Game 3 was about to begin, and looking back, I should have been WAY more nervous than I was. After the “Base” and the Judge incident (who had left when Top 8 started I might add), I was one game away from making it to the finals. I SHOULD have been sweating bullets. But I think I may have finally reached that magical state of nirvana where I had been to enough tournaments that nerves weren’t as much of a factor, and I just played the game. Game 3 began and it came down to the wire. It was my opponent’s turn, and I had thwarted all his attack attempts. If he let me start my next turn, I was going to win and he knew it. He only had a Bulma left on the field and decided to go all in with WAIFU POWER. He attacked with Bulma and unloaded his entire hand in a last ditch effort. Everyone enjoyed watching Bulma take on her hubby lol. Honestly, if he had won with Bulma he DESERVED that trophy. Bulma was up to 61K but I had two Jacos in hand and a couple of Piccolos and was able to squeeze it out to 65K. It was a valiant effort and he conceded after the attack.


Round Eight - Green Cell (Win)


Truth be told we never actually played this round. It was almost 11pm and we had been playing non stop since 4pm. My opponent’s 7th round match had actually stormed off from the store, salty as all hell, and didn’t even collect his packs or store credit. I asked if he cared about playing it out, he was unsure. He did, however, say he wanted my Trunks 10K Winner card. To sweeten the deal I told him I would give him all the packs I would have gotten from playing it out AND the Trunks if he wanted to call it here. After opening two boxes and a special pack I really had no desire for more cards. I would have gladly played out the match if he wanted to, but he liked the prospect of 22 packs (almost a whole box) and the Trunks over staying at the store for potentially another hour. We shook on it and I was given the trophy. Not EXACTLY how I planned on winning, but my opponent was ok with it so it is all good in the end.


This tournament had a lot of twists and turns but never did I expect to come out on top, even with all that had happened. I played the best matches of any game I had ever played and made it through the almost 7 hour gauntlet on top.


I am super happy with how I did and I am looking forward to more victories in the future! I also don’t plan to stop using Vegeta anytime soon, unless there are some DRASTIC meta shifts in the near future. Vegito and Cell are both very good decks and can win against Vegeta but I am comfortable sticking with what I know for now. That may change for Regionals, but time will tell.


Speaking of which, I will be attending the Regional in Orlando, FL for those wondering :)


Thank you all for following along, and I am sorry this was so long but a lot happened!


Here is my decklist for those interested:


Battle Cards:

4x Bulma, The God Tempter

4x Energy Boosted Majin Buu

4x Boost Attack Piccolo

4x Further Destruction Champa

4x Assailant Vegeta

4x Ultimate Judgement Jaco

4x Whis, The Resting Attendant

4x Boost Attack Beerus

4x Vegeta, Prince of Speed

2x God Charge Vegeta

Extra Cards:

4x Whis’ Coercion

4x Objection

4x Senzu Bean

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Right on!  Sorry for all the drama that happened. I have yet to be in a situation like that.  Way to kick some ass!

I've had my share of salty opponents, but STORMING out of the store?  Dang, man.  I've had a few BS loses (time sacking tools...) but I've never been anywhere close to THAT angry.

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Kick ass my man! The listof decks reminds me of panZ days with BK. 


I can't believe you bribed a victory XD you should have gone for the split bro. Still congrats! What deck did you fesr having to encounter? As a Ginyu player i fear Cell and Beerus; just curious what getes fears.  

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18 minutes ago, Thearbiter20x6 said:

Right on!  Sorry for all the drama that happened. I have yet to be in a situation like that.  Way to kick some ass!

I've had my share of salty opponents, but STORMING out of the store?  Dang, man.  I've had a few BS loses (time sacking tools...) but I've never been anywhere close to THAT angry.

Yeah not even getting the credit he had earned making it to Top 4. He just threw money away...

8 minutes ago, Vile said:

Kick ass my man! The listof decks reminds me of panZ days with BK. 


I can't believe you bribed a victory XD you should have gone for the split bro. Still congrats! What deck did you fesr having to encounter? As a Ginyu player i fear Cell and Beerus; just curious what getes fears.  

Cell was my biggest fear going in but the matchup is much more manageable than I thought. I am more worried when Vegito gets figured out. There's a reason i am stockpiling cards for a Vegito deck in case the time comes... lol

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Base, at least in Yugioh and probably Magic means the original or printed attack, defense, etc.  In Yugioh, some effects make base stat become another number.

That judge probably thought that you should know stuff like that already since being in the event and that might be the reason for the warning.

As for the other situations, maybe they're new to what they're doing or being in charge.

Strange day but at least it sounded like it went well for the most part.

How's the scene? Were there a nice variety of decks?




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