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Any Deck Lists??

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I just got into this game a couple weeks ago. It has been fun with the new set coming, learning the ropes and meeting some locals, 

However, there are very few deck lists out there. There seems to be a lot of new archetypes with Set 2. Why aren't people posting lists? Shoryu's was the best I found (great job btw). 

Am I just looking in the wrong places? Wrong website? Just looking for help and ideas getting into the game. 


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First off, thank you! Secondly it might be because the set is so new that people haven't nailed anything down yet. The best place I can suggest is to check out the top 8 lists from the CoreTCG tournament last week:


Keep in mind there is a mistake on the 2nd place Vegito list, there should be 3 Awakening Rage Son Goku on there as well.

Hope this helps!

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