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DBS Floor Rules

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So the DBS Floor Rules were released and they are a god damn dumpster fire:


Such highlights include Ties giving the player 0 points, draws giving the player 0 points, as well as DQs and no shows giving the player who did nothing wrong... you guessed it... 0 points.

Jim from ARG has been telling Bandai this crap won't work and clearly they didn't listen. If this isn't fixed I am not even going to attend regionals.

In a Bo3 format this just encourages players to win game 1, stall game 2, and profit.


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Their Tournament Shop Rules pt 1 says the opposite, and gives players the points for no shows and 1 point for draws. It's a weird contradiction. 


Also fun to note, stalling is under the warnings, and isn'tthe lightest offence, it's right before game loss.

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Another thing I noticed, bye rounds are not factored into your score, and the only use the points to determine a percrntage, so if an event has 7 rounds, and you played 6 and won and won all 6 and had a by round, you'll be sitting at 100%. 


If you only lost one game and had a bye, you're at 5/6  (not 7 rounds due to the bye not counting) you're at 83%, and someone who won 5/7 is 71% so you beat them. A 6/7 is 86% so you're not far off from them, and realistically there are more 2 losses than 1 per big event. 

So bye's are not that bad, and hell i would kinda prefer one. 

Stryder, how'd I do on my first lawyering?

It doesn't state if games not played due to players jumping ship before the match would result in a bye in the system, but that's how *I* would do it. 


The only thing this leaves is draws, which honesty getting 1 point for shouldbe good as the Shop Rules state.  This promotes players to finish games. Worst case if you think your opponet is slow playing call a judge. Its a Notice violation. 

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