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I'm a judge! You probably are too

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So i already had a bandai ID for all the Gundam model events I do, so i just took the judge quiz for the hell of it. I passed easily. Has anyone else tried and it and found out how stupid some of the questions were? Like "can a player use card they made at the event?" 




I did however learn something new from it. If you 'cold bloodlust' let's saaaaayyyy SS2 Goku, and then evolve him into God Goku, the God Goku is blankedfrom the prevoous bloodlust. I had thought the Clod Bloodlust effected only the card titled SS2 Goku, and the new card had a new game thus making the target of CB gone. So that was a nice learning experience.  

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Yeah the Judge test was so stupidly easy that it almost makes the act of "being a judge" completely worthless. This game had a problem with any schmuck on staff at an LGS being a "judge" whether they should have been or not. This just compounds the problem, and makes those same shitty judges official, with the added incentive of free cards.

I have already had two judges at two separate DBS tourneys make completely wrong rulings, and I am hoping this doesn't happen at regionals...

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29 minutes ago, Vile said:

I would hope that the stores who do the regionals are able to be picky and chopse competent people. For a LGS generally if there are issues with judges the store can switch them. 

One can hope.

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