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A miraculous discovery at how to instantly be a better player!

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Thanks to the greatness that is Facebook and its wonderful ability to bring out the most cancerous of egg sucking chicken head pleabs, I have discoveres how to in fact, make a deck 100% better instantly! Do you also wish to learn this lession? Of course you do! 



Clearly in asking for deck advice, you should run foil versions! The foil will make the card perform better because in a deck with limited foil options it isn't any kind of handicap to have a shine hit ypur face or glasses! In fact,  you can use the foil to shine the light in your opponets eyes and force misplays! 



Also never read what someone posts about their deck and why they dislike Tien but keep some in deck just in case. Players don't understand how to play the game, only egg sucking chicken heads do. They also cause butthole cancer. 

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That is a huge plus.  Also I think the dash pack ones are textured like GX PokemonCards.  It's been awhile as I sleeved all my dash packs. 


My only issue is that you have foil cards in a game where you can't 100% foil a deck. I'm one of those who if I can't 80% foil a deck I don't want any foils.  Perhaps that's why I'm a scrub because in order to be good I need to have all shinys and suck eggs. 

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