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Red Ruthless Turles

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It's been a long time since I've gotten a chance to play a little Z.  So I return to the game with my old favorite all in your face aggro Ruthless Turles. Its very similar to the Red Ruthless Turles I used to run with some up-grades.  I expect to make some adjustments to the deck as I get to play it and see how the game has changed over the last year.  This particular style of Ruthless Turles isn't about trying to camp Lv 1 and take advantage of drills, it never was....it actually welcomes getting to Lv 2 and Lv 3 on a regular basis.


MP: Turles  1-4


Mastery: Red Ruthless Mastery



x3 Red Blocking Hand

x3 Red Stop

x3 Red Brace




x2 Stare Down

x3 Red Restriction 

x1 Red Observation

x2 Villainous Energy Sphere 



x2 Red Relaxation 

x2 Visiting the Past

x1 Villainous Visage 


Dragon Balls:

Namek Dragon Ball 4


Physical Attacks:

x3 Red Knee Lift

x3 Red Tandem Attack

x3 Red Mule Kick

x3 Red Furious Lunge 

x3 Red Heel Kick

x1 Red Lightning Slash

x3 Red Double Strike 


Energy Attacks:

x3 Red Energy Blast

x3 Red Static Shot

x3 Red Tandem Blast 

x2 Flurry of Blows 




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Thank you, you can actually ask a lot of the original players that I was one of the first players to run Ruthless Turles when he first came out as a new MP, mine never tried to stay on lv 1 though.  It was when Ruthless Turles was displayed at the world tournament that we saw Ruthless Turles try to stay on lv 1 via drill camping and taking advantage of anger lowering drills for effects, I forget who ran it though.  Either way you choose to play this deck I love it cuz it really is an all in your face aggro which was really hard to pilot last year because there was just sooo much tempo control decks like Krillin, Ginyu, A13, A20 and Piccolo....ugh glad that meta is kinda in the past.

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Yeah!  In your face is my way to play!  I have an Orange Adept Gohan build I'm super proud of (people are probably sick of me mentioning it) that took 2nd place at last Summer's East Kai Fan Z event.  I posted the decklist; you should check it out if you want some more in your face action with a mastery that people claim is bad.

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