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Blue/Green Androids

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So I have decided to finally put up my Android list for those interested. I got Top 16 at locals two weeks ago out of 46/48 players (idr exactly) and 25th out of 50 players this past weekend.



Battle Cards:

4 Growing Evil Lifeform Cell
4 Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell
4 Perfect Force Cell
3 Terrible Creator Android 20
3 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan
3 Exterminating Energy Android 18
3 Expanding Energy Android 17
4 Twin Sister Android 18
4 Twin Brother Android 17
4 Trunks, Protector of Children
4 Energy Boosted Majin Buu

Extra Cards:

4 Whis’ Coercion
4 Senzu Bean
2 Enraged Gohan Awakening


I am going to swap out the Expanding Energy Android 17 for 3 of the Promo 17 when I can get my hands on them (I currently have 1 out of 3). I really like the way the deck runs, it is aggressive as hell and can easily switch between going the Android or Cell route. One card that people keep telling me to take out is Enraged Gohan Awakening, but it keeps saving my ass and winning me games. Personally I think this card is one of the most underrated in Set 2.

Anyway, lemme know what y'all think.

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It looks like a great deck list. I know in my Android deck I'm still playing it mono green but swinging with the twins and boosting them with King Vegeta's Surprise Attack seems to catch a lot of people off guard. ^_^ Especially once your Leader gives the 5K boost. You get 4 swings with 30K. Maybe I'll try to build an Android deck without Cell that utilizes the Twins and play Champa in there also so I can get some Double Strike Action on the little Androids over playing the big ones.

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