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Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

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I'm with Shoryu here, but also, just throwing it out there, the last few metas in Pokemon have been pretty interesting @Card Slinger J. EXs kind of became a pretty big weakness, with certain tech cards that did well countering them making them a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. We also saw a lot of budget decks like Night March.dek take top positions despite being made out of almost entirely stage 1s and non-EX basics. Right now, we've moved onto Pokemon GX, an evolution of the old EX mechanic, but who are normally stage 1s/2s (you do get Basic GXs, but they tend to be a lot weaker than the Stage 1/2s). And almost as soon as we got GXs, we got anti-GX mechanics. Mega-Pokemon also came into the game, and made a pretty drastic shift in how the game played since putting one on the board auto-ended your turn. And we've also had the Pokemon BREAK meta, where you evolve an already fully-evolved Pokemon into a "super form" that is mechanically identical to the LV. X mechanic of old but without the extra deck requirements (for those who don't know, LV. X were treated as having the same name as the Pokemon they were upgrading. So if you had 2 Darkrai LV. X, you could only have 2 non-LV. X Darkrai, which actually made the LV. Xs non-viable).

This said, there is definitely still going to be issues with the game, and I'm sure if you dig hard enough, you can find enough to bitch about them to the point where you won't want to engage. This is more from a game state viewpoint, and to be honest, the company seems to have learned from their mistakes and are making moves. Which is more than Wizards and Konami.

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"MTG would have to discontinue due to a class action lawsuit"?  Seriously?  What even is this thread?

The reason the judge lawsuit failed is because it was frivolous at the time.  Judges sign on to their position knowing they aren't going to be paid, but instead compensated in other ways, such as exclusive product and travel stipends.  When large scale events started skirting employment laws, because they ran longer than 8 hours and some judges were working a lot of hours, a couple guys realized they could try and make a quick buck by claiming they were "employees" with all the hours they volunteered.  However since Judges sign on as "volunteers" not employees, the case was thrown out, they couldn't make a fair judgement.  However, that doesn't mean there were no consequences.  In the past year or two, game companies are now being more diligent with their volunteers.  Most companies now DO pay their volunteers for working large events or shows.  I did 2 paid gigs demoing for Asmodee this year, my handlers with japanime games announced a pay program this past summer, now the ARG DBS regionals are ALSO paying their judges.  And we're not talking a couple bucks, each of these assignments pays $10/hour, well above fed min wage.


This isn't about the industry dying.  as has been said, there are so many options out there, one game going under won't kill the industry, even if it is MTG.  and the "saturation" you have talked about, regarding MTG and Pokémon, doesn't really contribute to your claims.  pokemon has offered tins and special boxes for years now.  Same with MTG, they have been releasing new product monthly for quite a while, this isn't a "new" thing.  This thread is nothing but a gripe about some recent MTG events that, in the long run, will likely have a minimal effect on MTG and the industry in general.  Just unfounded apocalypticism.

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On 12/11/2017 at 5:17 AM, Mysterious Youth said:

Is the issue really too many reprints or them not making the card accessible in the first place therefore facilitating a need for reprints? You have to understand that what they want to do is milk people on multiple levels. They don't care if your cards are worth anything because they can make an extra buck. It's the Yu-Gi-Oh! plan except I've heard it's worse.

Make X needed card hard to get so people buy sealed product for it = profit
Reprint card X in a new product so those without it need to/can buy that = profit

Even if you remove the reprint aspect and leave hard to get cards hard to get, it's still an antiquated and bad business model/process for the players. That's what's hurting TCG/CCGs in general, at least for me.

Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro doesn't understand that their current design philosophy for Standard is only catering to casuals who play EDH/Commander. MTG is suffering because of it since they can't turn a profit off of tournament legal sets unless they make money off of the Reserved List. Yu-Gi-Oh! doesn't have a list of cards to hold and preserve their value like MTG does because they aren't exempt from being reprinted in a functionally identical form.

Pokémon TCG sort of had it's own Reprint Policy for awhile dating back to when Wizards of the Coast was in charge before Pokémon Company International took over in 2003 with Base Set 1st Edition Charizard being akin to a ABU Black Lotus in MTG. Most other Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games don't have an actual Reprint Policy like MTG has with the Reserved List because they can't afford it. For those that do usually don't last long due to how crowded the Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game Market is.

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