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Draft Box 1 - What's inside? What are the breakdowns?

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So the much anticipated Draft Box 1 has dropped and people are snapping them up left and right.  However, much like Brad Pitt in Se7en, we had one big question...what's in the box?!

Well, that's not entirely true, we all knew what would be in the box, 12 packs of set 1 and 2, a promo pack and a pack of 4 leader cards.  But with people opening boxes, some new ratios have come to light.  Here are some stats:

Draft Box 1
12 Packs of set 1
12 Packs of set 2
1 Pack of 4 leader cards (there are 4 new leaders but each box contains 4 copies of only ONE of them)
1 Draft Rulesheet
The box itself is a high quality tuck box, about 800 capacity (unsleeved)

4 Boxes in a display
6 displays in a Case

* A single sealed display of 4 boxes will include one box that contains EACH of the new 4 leaders.
* TP1 packs are slightly mapped, thus far a single sealed display of 4 boxes will yield either all foil or all non-foil promos.
* Early reports showed some players getting steady ratios of R leaders and SRs in boxes, at a rate of 4 Leaders (2 from each set) and 6 SRs (3 from each set).  My own experience has disproved this, however the ratios ARE pretty steady, split between 3-4 SRs and 2-3 R leaders of each set in each box.
* Boxes CAN contain SPRs or SCR, but exact ratios per case are not yet available.
* Boxes CAN contain God Packs. (I got one in my second box, it had 2 SRs and 10 Rs)

Still haven't tried out a draft, but it seems like a lot of fun.  Here is a run down of how it works, including some draft-specific rules: (there doesn't seem to be any difference in the included draft rules and the draft rules that have been on the website for a few months)

Players are given 3 packs of Set 1 and 3 packs of set 2 to draft. (not written in the rules, but assumed)
Each player is given one of the included leader cards in the draft box.
Players sit in a circle and open a pack.  Each player chooses a card from the pack, sets it face down in front of them and then passes the rest to the left.
Repeat this until all cards are gone.
SPECIAL - if you have NOT yet chosen a leader from a pack, you MUST choose a leader card.  However, after that you may take one additional card from that pack (this only applies to the first leader pulled from packs).  Players may not take additional leaders until ALL players have picked one from a pack. (This will likely be a non-issue as each pack in the draft box tended to have at least one UC leader card)

Repeat the above process with all 6 packs (alternate to passing right on packs 2, 4 and 6) until all players have a stack of 72 cards in front of them.
Players will use these cards to make a 40 card deck of battle/extra cards plus 1 leader.  Any cards not used are now considered in that player's Sideboard (INCLUDING LEADERS).

Between games 2 and 3, and between rounds, players can exchange cards in their deck with their sideboard (including leaders).  However once leaders are revealed to start a game, players may NOT make any changes until that game is over.

Suggested format is Bo3 in a round robin tournament.  Winner claims the lone TP1 pack from the box.

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10 hours ago, soviet prince said:

didnot like the decision to only include one draft leader per box ( 4 copys of same card)

I thought the same thing at first but it makes more sense to me now after playing through 3 drafts with the same group of friends.  Having only the one leader puts everyone on more equal footing for the tournament which I think makes the drafting experience more fun.

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I understand four copies of the same leader if the draft box was bought to be used as intended. Purely as a product, it was off putting when this detail was made clear. It's only okay now that these leaders are reasonably priced, but before? With promo overload, people were right to be concerned and the notion of having to buy 4+ of these to collect the leaders or pay inflated singles prices wasn't very attractive.

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