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Orange Retribution Bardock; Sniping Key Cards

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So I'm going to fess up pretty much immediately, and submit that this deck has somewhat stolen the concept from @Thearbiter20x6's Red Ruthless Goku that focused on Surprise Attack. I don't know why, but the second I saw the concept, all I could think was "Bardock". And not wanting to copy too much from his idea, I thought I'd take him to a different style and see if I could replicate the theme.

The result?

Orange Retribution Barodck

Orange Retribution Mastery

Main Personality Stack
Bardock - True Saiyan
Bardock - Vengeful
Bardock - Displaced
Bardock - Legend

I'm mostly listing the MP Stack here in case FanZ ever comes back to him.
But also, just to quickly cover some ground, Retribution Mastery has mostly been chosen because of how strong it is. This said, I actually don't think it's the best Mastery for him. Rather, I actually think he'd work better in Combative or Adept. The main reason I kept him in Ret is because I don't know how to make Combative or Adept, and want to leave the invite out there for someone else to take him down those trees.

Orange Captivity Drill x 2
Orange Energy Dan Drill
Orange Energy Phasing Drill
Orange Driving Drill
Orange Checkup Drill

Did you pick up on the fact that this is an Energy Beats deck?
Truth be told, I don't know if I would actually say it's a true Energy Beats deck. It is pretty heavy on Energy combats, but it mostly ended up being that way as a result of Orange Precise Shot and Energy Dan Drill. This combo lets you sift out your opponent's Energy Blocks early on, helping you keep up the pressure of grabbing your opponent's blocks out of the deck and giving them no good avenue to defend. Alternatively, you can always go through your opponent's deck and kill off their more valuable cards (If you can pick them at face value).

Orange Juke x 3
Orange Meditation x 2
Time is a Warrior's Tool

Short, sweet, easy to remember. One thing that's immediately prominent is that I'm not using Bardock's Premonition. Truth be told, that may actually be a huge error on my part. Especially with something like Orange Sword Chop (one of the best cards for Orange imho) being able to grab it from your deck and then give you a +1 to hand size. This is mostly because of a tech I stole a bit later on, but if you omit said tech, you should definitely go for the above "WOMBO-COMBO."



Physical Combats
Surprise Attack x 3
Orange Knee Strike x 3
Orange Launcher x 3
Orange Spine Kick x 3
Orange Uppercut x 3

Orange Cover Up x 3
Orange Refocus x 3

Yep. I took the exact same tech as the one that Arbiter used. I did fess up at the start that I took the concept, and tried to run it with Bardock xD This said, I have departed a bit from how he attempted to pull it. He decided to avoid any and all freestyle cards, focusing on just Red Beats and hoping to disarm the opponent through it. I've decided, "who cares if they mess up my deck while I mess up theirs?"

Energy Combats
Bardock's Riot Javelin x 2
Orange Fierce Attack x 3
Orange Power Point x 3
Orange Precise Shot x 3
Orange Stare Down x 2
Orange Rage x 3
Orange Counter Ball x 2
Orange Bicycle Kick x 3

Orange Energy Absorption x 3
Orange Energy Catch x 3

I don't feel like it's controversial to think that when Bardock first dropped, a lot of people had the default response of gawking a little bit at how powerful he seemed. Searching through the opponent's deck to grab cards and destroy them seemed both out of character for Bardock (who had foresight, but no real ability to influence the future), and also like it could devastate quite a few decks (my own Blue Tag Team Trunks, for example, would be pretty susceptible to a Black Bardock who went after my Drills).

But alas, when it came to actually playing and using him, very few people seemed to have found very much success at all. He was hand-crafted for Black, but he didn't help to overcome any of the issues in Black. Saiyan could use him, but he was too control focused for the highly aggressive style, and the end result was a MP/Mastery combo that half-arsed tried to do both. Honestly, he just didn't really have a solid place in the games landscape at the time, and your options only get that much worse when you get stuck on his level 2. So, rather than make Bardock work for a Mastery or try to force a Mastery to work for him, I decided to try and go back to a mostly-dead theme in Orange; Sniping.

As I said before, the concept has been undeniably taken from Arbiter. But rather than try to make myself safe from my own Surprise Attacks, I kind of want to welcome the chaos of me and my opponent pulling the living hell out of each-other's decks. All the same, I feel the deck would perform better if you were to change to Adept, drop Power Point in favor of Sword Drop, and drop Surprise Attack in favor of Bardock's Premonition. But that just wouldn't be as much fun, you know? (Besides which, I'd rather someone else take that concept and run with it).

My current testing with the deck has been a bit odd. Turn 1, it's normally for the best to grab either Orange Captivity or Orange Dan. Thanks to Bardock's passive, Dan acts pretty much in the same vein as Crying, tacking on an anger gain as you snipe out a card from the opponent's deck. This means that turn 1, you can often go Bardock's Power -> Orange Precise + Orange Dan. This gives you at least 3 anger gain from searching the opponent's deck, which only gets better as more and more decks get tutor heavy. This also lets you get rid of big, problematic cards immediately, grabbing out the opponent's Time while preserving your own, ridding yourself of Blue Betrayal, or stuffing your opponent's Orange Bicycle Kick where the sun don't shine.

From there, however, I keep finding the deck starts to run into trouble as the opponent controls your anger, or elects to just simply start beating into you. For that reason, I am almost certain that I've made a mistake somewhere. Still however, I kind of feel confident that Bardock's home may actually be in Orange, and Arbiter, I personally invite you to make something horrific with this concept |: Or anyone else, for that matter.

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     With all the Fan Z tournaments popping up for 2018, I will definitely be going into my "Mad Scientist" style deck-building zone once I get back from visiting family and friends in CA (flying out in a few hours and will probably be ominously silent for 2 weeks xD).  Using Surprise Attack in Orange is a neat idea.  I thought of tossing three of them into Adept Gohan for even more shenanigans but I need my digs man. D:

     "My current testing with the deck has been a bit odd. Turn 1, it's normally for the best to grab either Orange Captivity or Orange Dan. "

     Orange Ret can only search for non-infinity drills on turn one though! 

     I think I mentioned it before but the main reason I used Goku was because in a pure aggro physical beats deck, I have no need for his named cards.  Bardock's named cards are good.  Real good.  The sucky thing about having them with surprise attack is that if you use surprise attack, while you may be crippling your opponent if they, say, run unleashed or something, you're going to lose some AWESOME cards in return.

     However, this deck has something that Goku Ruthless lacks: BOARD PRESENCE.  That's significant.

     I'm still trying to figure out how I would want a Bardock sniping deck to work.  I want to use Black Enraged Assault and similar cards so it has to be Black, but Perceptive?  Mischievous?  Conflict?  I can see myself having a difficult time leveling and if I get stuck on 1 or 2, aggro decks are going to tear me to shreds.  Though I feel like less people are playing aggro nowadays.

     Once I get back from CA I'm getting on the OCTGN train full-speed, so hopefully I'll be able to test out some of this crap instead of waiting for events.

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1 hour ago, Thearbiter20x6 said:

     Orange Ret can only search for non-infinity drills on turn one though!

That's why I have the ppt. Orange Power Point xD Although, now that I think about it, I should really throw in a non-Infinite Drill |: I think I know where I went wrong.

And agreed about Surprise Attack in Bardock. It's really more of a gimmick, but it's really quite fun xD This said, it's really a lot better to ditch it in favor of Premonition tbh.

I REALLY hold to the feeling that Black Bardock is a trap. I don't think Bardock does enough to really support any of the Black Masteries, and the entire style doesn't really do enough to support Bardock's weaknesses. This said, I'm pretty sure that Bardock was built with Perceptive in mind since you can easily net 2 anger from the Mastery power at Level 2. Mischevious also snipes off the top card of the opponent's deck when they drew, so you're still netting 2 anger from the skill. Of the two, I think Mischevious is stronger and more versatile, but Perceptive has in-built Drill/Setup control. Could prove pretty important in some match-ups.
What's frustrating is that his Level 4 has such a high maximum power stage. If not for that, then Bardock could be a really fierce MP in a LOT of decks.

A side note at the end is that I actually have made a lot of changes to the deck since posting this since I've been testing it through the day. Issue is I don't remember all the changes I've made xD I did actually end up changing Mastery in the end, but not to Adept or Combative, but instead to Adaptive. I added in an extra Power Point, dropped Meditation, and added in a couple of Searching Maneuver. I also know that I ended up moving away from Surprise Attack, and instead went with Sword Chop as I mentioned before. Turns out that being able to occasionally search out an extra two cards for your hand/an omni-block in Orange Juke is actually really solid. This said, I do feel like the entire deck is a bit of a mess right now, so if I can ever work it up to a viable level, I'll come back and update the recipe.

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As @Artificial Human brought up pretty much the same deck concept, I figure I'll post my most recent version of the deck for people to peruse and pick-apart if they so choose. I will note that I've not really messed around with this deck for a little while, so there may be some synergies I'm missing. If you see changes that can be made, suggest them, and definitely try it out yourself.


Orange Retribution Bardock


1 Orange Crying Drill
1 Orange Checkup Drill
2 Orange Energy Dan Drill
1 Orange Energy Phasing Drill*
1 Orange Captivity Drill*

*These two drills are mostly there to ease mirror-matches and help generate speed. Bardock has a thin line of defense unless you get really lucky, so using Captivity Drill to balance out energy attack costs/GAIN power stages while charging anger is surprisingly efficient and helps hurdle to L3. After you hit L3, you can ease up a bit.

3 Orange Juke
1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
3 Bardock's Premonition

2 Visiting the Past

Physical Combat:
3 Orange Launcher
3 Orange Spine Kick**
3 Orange Sword Chop**
3 Orange Uppercut

3 Orange Cover Up
3 Orange Refocus

**Spine Kick is basically there to help you exit out of dis-favorable combats, which I promise will come up no matter how much effort you put into this. The fact it also serves for anger and ally removal is mostly just cream on top. On the other side, Orange Sword Chop will net you either an Orange Juke or a Bardock's Premonition depending on your situation, or any other event you happen to put into your deck.

Energy Combat:
2 Bardock's Riot Javelin
3 Orange Bicycle Kick
3 Orange Fierce Attack
3 Orange Power Point
3 Orange Precise Shot
3 Orange Combined Burst***
3 Orange Stare Down

3 Orange Energy Absorption
3 Orange Energy Catch

***This just generates extra synergy with Bardock's level 2 while giving you some extra damage on your opponent. There are a few other good cards you can consider here though, like Sweeping Blast or Overflowing Burst. Just don't go too hard on utility since Bardock has limited searching, and you may give yourself too many dead hands.

This is my current version of Retribution Bardock MPPV/Survival double threat. I've made my feelings on the deck pretty clear overall, but it should be noted that my online play-group strictly plays heavy beats decks, which this deck really struggles against. As such, my opinion is probably heavily biased to this deck being more anti-meta than a stand-alone competitive build.
Also worth noting: He does alright with Orange Combative. Helps out with the decks fragility a lot, and can ease the strain of needing to put out more life card damage.

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