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Expansion Set Reveals! Full List!

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Hero Set: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428401

Villain Set: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428402

Vegito is still trying to be a thing, but honestly I am very impressed with the new Gotenks tech. That deck is shaping up to be a monster.

Unimpressed by the villain stuff outside of Masked Saiyan (still great for Draft Frieza) and Trunks (holy shit is that a staple if i ever saw one), but understandably the other cards are setting up a larger OverRealm theme which will be expanded in Set 3.


What say you Top Tier? Yay or nay?

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I really like these new cards.

Time Ruler Towa seems like a very hard counter to Miraculous Gohan.  Other than that, not sure why I'd use it.

Mira, From the Darkness is a great pressure card, espescially if you can get one out before your opponent awakens.

Overall, the black cards seem kinda neat.

Comrades Combined Vegeta....wow that card is good.  A 2 cost / 20k beater is definitely ahead of the curve.  Vegito leader loves this card.

Comrades Combined Goku is neat and seems to open up Vegito decks to run more blue than they do now.

The new Goten and Trunks are just sick and really help that type of deck.  So much board control in a green Gotenks deck.


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Gotanks was my next deck to build. This is just gonna be baller.


How easy is it yo get a Youth Trunks in the drop zone? One 10k combo staple, thats how. 

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