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Artificial Human

So Retro is talking about how bad 19 is.

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While they're over there discussing what makes him bad and which level is to blame, I'm just thinking about how much I liked the one from Score. :/ It's really simple, but so much better than the convoluted crap that we got.

So I spent all of 5 minutes on this.






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I like this.
I would like to see this implemented.
And I would like to see this in Blue.

I will say though, I did like what 19 looked like when I first came into the game. I just feel like he is excessively reserved in what he does, and would've rather a focus on an MP with a low PL who absorbed power stages when your physical attacks hit (you know, as 19 CONTINUOUSLY TRIED TO DO) and had some level of Energy Block/Control.

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