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Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

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Awhile back @The Bear and @Nothing At All mentioned liking the idea of a thread or facebook group for my models. Well now both exsist. I've been having some airbrush issues, I am hoping to grt it fixed this weekend though. For now you can enjoy the model I've been working on. Just a recolored MG Gyan. 



Still working on a few parts for him. The AB has been having some issues sprayingso the copper came out.... less than desired. As well a few small spots of the the Future Floor Polish kinda bunched up and made a thickish layer, so I'll have to find a way to fix that. But his custom lance is looking amazing.



Funny enough, as of posting this that Gyan has a neg 3 rep on Imgur. Lawl.

This resin conversion is being worked on now, Gundam Mudrock. 



For fun, enjoy my other finished models. 










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Fun disclaimer, the FB page is still underconstruction. Once I make a lightbox to take better photos and get my feet wet with some image editing software to make a proper cover photo and Profile pic, It'll be active. 

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