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Vile's DBS sale.

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Some of you may gave seen my posts about my areas state of the game.  Right now I have pics of my set 3 notable pulls, you all can have at them. 

Planet Vegeta, Red 2 cost trunks, Kabito Kai Assistant are gone. 


Please be realistic with offers. Im not opposed to making people good deals, as I just want to move stuff. Check back later tonight, I'll have more pics. 


Other notable haves off the top my head

ChillingTerror A17 Non-foil x2

Meta Cooler infinite x20

Ginyu Force Dash Pack x4

Objection x4

Senzu Bean x4 

Super combo set 1 Yellow/Green/Red x4 each

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13 minutes ago, The Bear said:

Sucks to see you go man.  One of the boxes I bought had the SAME EXACT FOILS that you post in that first page.  Not kidding.

I doubt I'll be able to unload all my C/UC so i may keep my 17 deck without the promos and toss on some of the new droids in case I ever go somewhere that has games. 

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