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Is mecha still playable?

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Just seeing what opinions are....

He basically went from being the most offensive general in the game, to being one of the most defensive. Being able to play Counterattacks for free, having access to cold blood lust and being able to play it for free, etc.....

So what do you guys thing? Is he still viable?

I personally am liking the new Bardock, drawing on attack even before awakened if always nice. However, I am currently stuck trying to decide between Bardock or Mecha, or just swapping over to red for Pan, or maybe even new Caulifa. 

Opinions are welcome. Am running the GT Goku evolution chain...which I love and is still very viable. Just trying to decide if it's worth it to stay in yellow for shagush and nimbus, or just go hard red.

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Mecha did not get nerfed, he got castrated.  You can say he is now more defensively oriented and that he can play counters for free, but that is not completely true.  Playing those cards for "free" costs a life, and playing a counter at the cost of taking damage is not a very defensive power.  Sure, this can be used to soften the blow of Critical or Double/Triple strikes but that is of limited use.  To put it another way: hurting yourself to get out of being damaged ultimately does not add up.

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