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Former iC Carddass game and DBS TCG (A Comparison and Analysis for theorycrafting purposes)

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I am sure that I'm not the only one in the know. I am also sure that not everyone may be aware  that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game was not exactly a new game, even back when Galactic Battle first launched.

The DBS CCG is based on an older japanese-only card game where each card had some sort of chip inside (sort of like Dragon Ball Heroes, if your familiar, though not exactly). The purpose of the chip was to allow the use of your real cards with an App that you could battle friends all over Japan, not just those sitting across from you at a table, though the game could obviously still be played that way if preferable. Oddly enough, if you search through Youtube - allow me to save you the trouble - you can find videos of people playing the game on this app and it looks nearly identical to what we got in the DBS CCG Tutorial App. The game obviously evolved into what we currently know as the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, though many things have changed in the newest iteration. Extra Cards, for example, were almost completely non-existent and were only released during the games latest set, Series 5.

That's not all that's changed however. Though the newer game has noticeably changed some Battle Cards into Extra Cards in the newer version, most Battle Cards, themselves, have had their Energy Color changed.

If your not already privy to the information, I urge you to check out their website here. Specifically, the Card List section where you will find hundreds of almost exactly identical cards that are currently in the DBS CCG. However, you would also find an equal number of cards that haven't been released yet or have been changed entirely. One such example is the Broly Leader card that we have all seen at this point, I'm sure. Well, in the modern game the artwork that's on each side of the card was actually taken from two entirely different Leader cards in the original version. The base form actually Awakens into Super Saiyan 4 Broly!!! The Awakened side of the modern Broly Leader card was actually his Unawakened state in the original game and he Awakened into SS3 Broly...

Even if they never actually re-release every one of these cards, I figured it'd be nice to have a database of sorts keeping track of this sort of thing and to theorize how they could re-implement them into the modern iteration of the game. Granted, a large number of these cards are just plain ol' vanilla cards but they will be included in this list anyway. Since they have changed plenty already, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that they could do so with them as well. At some point in the future, I will likely attempt to theory-craft set idea's based on some of the cards and make changes when warranted or when it feels necessary but I'll save that for later posts.


Unused iC Carddass Asset's

Below is a list of all of the card's released during the games original run that have yet to be implemented in one way or another. I won't be labeling Battle Cards because the majority of them are battle cards, but Leaders and Extra Cards will be noted. Lastly, If I missed anything, feel free to call me out.

(Set #) - (Card #) Character (or Card) Name (CARD TYPE, era)



ST1-05 Gotenks (BoG)
ST1-06 Piccolo (BoG)
ST1-09 Yamcha (BoG)
ST1-10 Gohan (Babidi)
ST1-11 Fighting Tanacity, Videl (Babidi)
ST1-12 Goten (Babidi)


BT1-003 Challenge Adversity, Son Goku (BoG)
BT1-004 Suprise Attack Prodigy, Son Goten (BoG)
BT1-006 Kind Heart, Videl (BoG)
BT1-009 Gohan (BoG)
BT1-010 Great Saiyaman (BoG)
BT1-011 Goten (BoG)
BT1-012 Krillin (BoG)
BT1-013 Krillin's Wife (BoG)
BT1-014 Master Roshi (BoG)
BT1-015 Yamcha (BoG)
BT1-018 Hercule (BoG)
BT1-019 Unwavering Friendship Mr. Buu (BoG)
BT1-020 Goku (Saiyan)
BT1-021 Raditz (Saiyan)
BT1-022 Piccolo (Saiyan)
BT1-025 Piccolo (LEADER, BoG)
BT1-028 Piccolo (BoG)
BT1-030 Capricious God Beerus (BoG)
BT1-033 Beerus (BoG)
BT1-034 Whis (BoG)
BT1-032 Piccolo (BoG)
BT1-043 Bubbles (Otherworld)
BT1-044 King Kai's Prime, Grand Kai (Otherworld)
BT1-046 Mr. Popo (Androids/Cell)
BT1-047 Vegeta (LEADER, BoG)
BT1-049 Mischievous Talent, Trunks (LEADER: BoG)
BT1-050 Collision SSG, Son Goku (BoG)
BT1-052 Royal Punishment, King Vegeta (BoG)
BT1-055 Bulma (BoG)
BT1-058 King Vegeta (BoG)
BT1-059 Bulma (BoG)
BT1-060 Dr. Briefs (BoG)
BT1-061 Bulma's Mother (BoG)
BT1-062 Yamcha (BoG)
BT1-064 Android 18 (BoG)
BT1-054 Kamehameha, Son Goten (BoG)
BT1-063 Krillin (BoG)
BT1-069 Mai (BoG)
BT1-071 Vegeta's Brother, Tarble (Abo/Kado)
BT1-073 Nappa (Saiyan)
BT1-074 Vegeta (Saiyan)


BT2-002 King Vegeta (LEADER: Special)
BT2-004 Raditz (Saiyan)
BT2-023 Ape Army Assembler, Nappa (Special)
BT2-014 Clairvoyant Toolo (Bardock)
BT2-015 Prince Vegeta (Bardock)
BT2-022 Small Supporter, Berry (Bardock)
BT2-025 Whis (LEADER, Ressurection F)
BT2-026 Gohan (LEADER: Androids/Cell)
BT2-027 Future Trunks (LEADER: Androids/Cell)
BT2-035 Beerus (Ressurection F)
BT2-038 Surging Power, Gotenks (BoG)
BT2-040 Gotenks (BoG)
BT2-041 King Kai's Prime, Grand Supreme Kai (Majin Buu)
BT2-042 The Young Elder Kai (Majin Buu)
BT2-043 Governer of Life, East Supreme Kai (Majin Buu)
BT2-047 Father-Son Ties, Son Goku (Androids/Cell)
BT2-051 Master Roshi (LEADER, Ressurection F)
BT2-052 Messenger from the Future, Trunks (LEADER: Android/Cell)
BT2-055 Exquisite Blow, Master Roshi (Ressurection F)
BT2-056 Gohan (Ressurection F)
BT2-057  (Ressurection F)
BT2-058 Goku (Ressurection F)
BT2-060 Piccolo (Ressurection F)
BT2-062 Android 18 (Ressurection F)
BT2-063 Pan (Ressurection F)
BT2-064 Gohan's Supportive Wife, Video (Ressurection F)
BT2-065 Yamcha (Ressurection F)
BT2-066 Turtle Hermit Inheritor, Krillin (Resurrection F)
BT2-067 Hercule (Ressurection F)
BT2-068 Shu (Ressurection F)
BT2-069 Mai (Ressurection F)
BT2-072 Prologue to the Limitbreaker, Son Goku (Babidi)
BT2-073 Challenge Adversity, Son Goku (Babidi)
BT2-074 Standing at the Limit, Son Goku (Babidi)
BT2-080 Frieza (LEADER, Frieza)
BT2-082 Zarbon (LEADER, Frieza)
BT2-086 Loyal Soldier Shisami (Ressurection F)
BT2-095 Mounting Terror, Frieza (Frieza)
BT2-096 Ceaseless Terror, Frieza (Frieza)
BT2-102 Burter (Frieza)
BT2-105 Paralysis Teqnique Guldo (Frieza)
BT2-106 Dodoria (Frieza)
BT2-109 Imperial Advisor Zarbon (Frieza)
BT2-114 Blueberry (Frieza)
BT2-115 Raspberry (Frieza)
BT3-003 Beerus (LEADER, Champa)
BT3-004  Moginan (LEADER, BoG)
BT3-005 Super-Beings Authority, Whis (Champa)
BT3-011 Unfathomable Being Whis (Champa)
BT3-015 Awoken Temper Beerus (Champs)
BT3-019 Amassing Army, Moginan Underling (BoG)
BT3-021 Old Kai (Majin Buu)
BT3-024 Gregory (BoG)
BT3-025 Bubbles (BoG)
BT3-026 Grand Kai (Otherworld)
BT3-027 Portents of Age, Young Elder Kai
BT3-028 Mr. Popo (Majin Buu)
BT3-032 Piccolo (LEADER, Ressurection F)
BT3-034 Super Unleash Special Attack Vegeta (Ressurection F)
BT3-035 Gohan (Ressurection F)
BT3-039 Krillin (Ressurection F)
BT3-040 Android 18 (Ressurection F)
BT3-042 Heaven-Sent from the Future, Gotenks (BoG)
BT3-043 Pint-Sized Strike, SS Trunks (BoG)
BT3-044 Goten (BoG)
BT3-046 Yamcha (BoG)
BT3-047 Cute Sidekick, Puar (BoG)
BT3-048 Goku (BoG)
BT3-49 Worrying Mother, Chi-Chi (BoG)
BT3-050 Gohan (BoG)
BT3-051 Goten (BoG)
BT3-052 Vegeta (BoG)
BT3-053 Lover of Vegeta Bulma (BoG)
BT3-054 Trunks (BoG)
BT3-055 Ox King (BoG)
BT3-058 Cooler (LEADER, Cooler)
BT3-062 Rampant Fusion, Fused Aka (Abo/Cado)
BT3-065 Dore (Cooler)
BT3-066 Neiz (Cooler)
BT3-068 Tagoma (Resurrection F)
BT3-071 Abo (Abo/Cado)
BT3-072 Kado (Abo/Cado)
BT3-077 Salza (Cooler)
BT3-080 Chilled (Chilled)
BT3-081 Army Solder Tobi (Chilled)
BT3-085 Gohan (LEADER: Bojack)
BT3-083 Bojack (LEADER: Bojack)
BT3-084 Trunks (LEADER: Bojack)
BT3-086 Transcendant Unleashed, SS2 Gohan (Bojack)
BT3-088 Evil-Breaker, Future Trunks (Bojack)
BT3-088 Merciless Power, Bojack (Bojack)
BT3-090 Evil Swordsman Kogu
BT3-091 Brutal Warrior Bido (Bojack)
BT2-092 Bewitching Magic, Bujin (Hijack)
BT3-093 Goku (Bojack)
BT3-094 One Step to the Future, Gohan (Bojack)
BT3-095 Unleash to Transcendance, Gohan (Bojack)
BT3-096 Vegeta (Bojack)
BT3-097 Baby Trunks (Bojack)
BT3-098 Piccolo (Bojack)
BT3-099 Krillin (Bojack)
BT3-100 Promoter X.S. Cash (Bojack)
BT3-101 Tournament Compeditor, Udo (Bojack)
BT3-102 Tournament Compeditor, Doskoi (Bojack)
BT3-103 Tournament Compeditor, Kanfoon (Bojack)
BT3-104 Transformation to Insanity, Bojack (Bojack)
BT3-106 Transformation to Evil, Kogu (Bojack)
BT3-107 Bido (Bojack)
BT3-108 Bujin (Bojack)
BT4-009 SS Vegeta (Androids/Cell)
BT4-027 Completion of a Monster, Cell (Androids/Cell)
BT4-028 Cell Jr. (Androids/Cell)
BT4-029 Whirlwind of Fist and Feet, Pikkon/Goku (TAG TEAM LEADER, Otherworld)
BT4-030 Ultimate Evil Duo Frieza/Cell (TAG TEAM LEADER, Otherworld)
BT4-031 Superhero of the West Galaxy, Pikkon (Otherworld)
BT4-032 Fighter of the North Galaxy, Olibu (Otherworld)
BT4-033 Goku (Otherworld)
BT4-034 Caterpy (Otherworld)
BT4-035 Red Shadow of the South Galaxy, Torbie (Otherworld)
BT4-036 South Galaxy Speedster, Tapkar (Otherworld)
BT4-037 Froug (Otherworld)
BT4-038 Maraikoh (Otherworld)
BT4-039 South Galaxy Merman, Arqua (Otherworld)
BT4-040 Lazy Leader, Grand Kai (otherworld)
BT4-045 North Galaxy Saiyan, Son Goku (Otherworld)
BT4-46 Custodian of Souls, King Yemma
BT4-047 Pikkon (Otherworld)
BT4-048 Plague of the Otherworld, Frieza (Otherworld)
BT4-049 Hated One of the Otherworld, Cell (Otherworld)
BT4-050 To A New Universe, Son Goku/Vegeta(TAG TEAM LEADER: Champa)
BT4-052 Seventh Universe Warrior, Son Goku/Beerus (TAG TEAM LEADER: Champa)
BT4-053 Cabba (LEADER, Champa)
BT4-054 Champa (LEADER, Champa)
BT4-063 Righteous Super Close Attack, Son Goku (Champa)
BT4-064 Two-Strike Explosion Vegeta (Champa)
BT4-067 SS Gotenks (BoG)
BT4-070 Rampaging God of Destruction Beerus (Champa)
BT4-071 Whis (Champa)
BT4-075 Tights (Champa)
BT4-077 Defender of Justice, Videl (LEADER: Babidi)
BT4-081 Death Defier, East Supreme Kai (Babidi)
BT4-083 Piccolo Jr. (Babidi)
BT4-088 Mighty Mask (Babidi)
BT4-090 Justice Pose, Great Saiyaman (Babidi)
BT4-092 Goku (Babidi)
BT4-094 Android 18 (Babidi)
BT4-095 Krillin (Babidi)
BT4-096 Supporter of Fierce Battles, Referee (Babidi)
BT5-001 SS Gogeta (LEADER, Jenemba)
BT5-002 Jenemba (LEADER, Jenemba)
BT5-003 Soaring Super Warrior, SS Gogeta (Jenemba)
BT5-004 Golden Counter Attack, SS3 Son Goku (Jenemba)
BT5-005 Super Saiyan Son Goku (Jenemba)
BT5-006 Son Goku (Jenemba)
BT5-007 Superspeed Charge Vegeta (Jenemba)
BT5-009 Mesmerizing Assault, Super Jenemba (Jenemba)
BT5-010 Aggregate of Evil, Jenemba (Jenemba)
BT5-011 Swift Support, SS Gotenks (Jenemba)
BT5-012 Gotenks (Jenemba)
BT5-013 Surging Attack, SS Goten (Jenemba)
BT5-014 Surging Attack, SS Trunks
BT5-015 Friend of Trunks, Goten (Jenemba)
BT5-016 Reliable Short Stuff, Trunks (Jenemba)
BT5-17 Lightning Fast Guardian Pikkon (Jenemba) 
BT5-018 The Most Powerful Fusion (EXTRA, Jenemba)
BT5-020 Dimension Magic (EXTRA, Jenemba)
BT5-025 SS3 Son Goku (Majin Buu)
BT5-026 Reliable Ally Piccolo (Majin Buu)
BT5-033 Lighting Fast, SS3 Gotenks (Majin Buu)
BT5-039 Ultimate Spirit Bomb (EXTRA, Majin Buu)
BT5-041 Legendary Demon, SS3 Belly (awakened side only; LEADER, Special)
BT5-042 Descent if the Super Warrior, Son Goku (LEADER: Broly)
BT5-043 Brutal Berserker, SS4 Broly (awakened side only; LEADER, Special)
BT5-047 Righteous Retaliation, Son Goku (Belly)
BT5-054 Supreme Seeker of Truth, Son Goku (Broly)
BT5-055 Gohan (Broly)
BT5-056 Goten (Broly)
BT5-057 Resistor Prince Vegeta (Broly)
BT5-072 Divine Guardian Whis (Future Trunks)
BT5-073 Ruling God of Destruction, Champa (Future Trunks)
BT5-74 Flash of Nobility, Vados (Future Trunks)
BT5-079 Super Dragon Radar (EXTRA, Future Trunks)
BT5-080 Goku Black's Kamehameha (EXTRA, Future Trunks)
PJ-02 Relentless Super Warrior, Son Goku (awakened side) (LEADER: BoG)
PB-01 Son Goku (unawakened side) (LEADER: BoG)
PB-02 Vegeta (LEADER: BoG)
PB-04 Son Goku (LEADER: Ressurection F)
PB-05 Beerus (LEADER: Battle of Gods)
PB-06 Blue Flash  (Ressurection F)
PB-09 Energy Boost Son Goku (awakened side) (LEADER: BoG)
PB-10 Final Crash Vegeta (BoG)
PB-14 Here's Delusion, Beebus (BoG)
PB-16 Lightning Speed Strike, SS2 Gohan (Androids/Cell)
PB-18 Ki Explosion, Great Ape Gohan (Saiyan)
PB-20 Silver Destroyer, Meta-Cooler (Meta-Cooler)
PB-22 Frenzied Ringleader, Bojack (Bojack)

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