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New player - help with expanding a starter deck

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I am an interested player and would like to buy a Series 3 starter deck, the one with the Masked Saiyan.

Also, I would ask of you to help me expand the structure in a more competitive build in a budgeted manner because I want to start with a more stable deck and see if I would keep playing after a couple of tournaments. I have seen that some cards cost more money since the game is in full effect in the world, but for the first couple of games I would like to see if I want to spend the extra money on deckbuilding. I have experience with other TCGs, but I want to see if my interest will be greater after a couple of tournaments since the country I am is currently in the beginning of organizing DBS events. 

Can you help me? Thank you.

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The Masked Saiyan starter is probably the best starter deck to start with because it is good right out of the box. At a local we had someone make Top Cut after just buying that starter.

First I would say to get two of the starters. That way you have a playset of everything in the starter.

Then I would check out http://www.dbs-decks.com/#!/ and look up other Masked Saiyan decks and big events that had Masked Saiyans place highly and see what they have. Black got really good support in the last couple of sets so I would check that out as well.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you. It pretty much sums up my question except for this. I have seen some Jirens and other high priced cards on the lists so I would ask if you know cheaper substitute cards for me to include in my deck as a worthy replacement.

Thank you in advance.

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