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So what is the meta in your points of view? 

Blue Ally Mill

Broly (Anything)

Trunks (Ascension/Misch)

F.Gohan/Gohan/Drawku (anything)

Yamcha/Supreme Kai (Orange).

And then maybe Slug Ball, MVegeta, HVegeta, Goten?

How are you guys teching accordingly? My tech prioritizes anti-unleash and discard pile hate.

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We have like... two metas lol. Our ToP practice group and then the rest of the group.

Our Normal group had this HUGE spike of Dabura that seemed to shape the meta. Certain decks just can't handle the level of aggression Dabura can pump out. Because of it, decks that can have risen in prominence. M.Vegeta has been some response, Ally Mill decks (Though they run the risk of being entered on and just getting wrecked in one bad combat). Adept Gohan / Goten MPPV/Survival decks have been getting some love, Drawku and F.Gohan are always present. Oddly no real Yamcha or Surpreme Kai, though I suspect that they would be doable if they don't get caught in a bad combat. 


Discard Pile hate has been rapidly growing in both circles, as has anger hate and anti-ally techs. Spheres seem to be running around at 3-ofs in most decks up from the 2-ofs. 

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Anti-Anger. You NEED anti-anger. Holy shit, why is MPPV still so popular/strong? We have SO MUCH HATE for MPPV. Also, some Event-Hatred will go a fair distance.

It's actually really difficult to say what to tech for with this upcoming meta though. I feel like it's still in flux and hasn't settled down enough yet where we can confidently say what will be the most common deck-type or MP. And then there's always the problem that there are some MPs you just cannot tech for because they only have specific weaknesses (Drawku).
Especially with the ToP, because there is a HUGE range of decks with very different focuses I keep seeing pop-up. At this point in the game, I'd actually probably recommend that rather than focusing in on teching for the meta, you should really focus on finding techs that protect and cover your bad match-ups. That, or if you're playing a highly combat aggressive deck, trying to find a combo of MP/Style that really helps you cover your bases without hard-dedicating to a specific counter.

An example that I'm quite partial to of late is Black Perceptive Awakening Gohan with a variety of combat enders and a LOT of omni blocks. Things like Black Scout Maneuver are really handy for picking out your opponent's key pieces and combat enders (in combination with cards like Black Side Thrust), and the deck gives you a LOT of freedom. Alternatively,  Red Majin Buu has a lot of innate pressure and board control, and can counter any kind of presence.
There are a few issue with this approach. Personally, I find that these decks struggle greatly against Broly, and they lose out to anti-meta builds like Saiyan/Ascension Majin Vegeta (who is often built to specifically kill non-Survival decks, and you get caught in the cross-hair). But if I'm honest, it is VERY hard to tech for those two while covering your other bases.

Alternatively, just grab yourself any Broly deck, power/Unleashed up to 4 and tech for the Broly match-up. The only true weakness of a Broly deck is another Broly deck (and maybe Future Gohan).

There are some staples though. As Aimanax said, Spheres are a 3 of, and if you have a God MP, you can tech in their new Sphere card. On The Move! is a huge card as well, since almost every competing MP has a pretty strong attack that they swing with (or copied attacks, or ally attacks, or etc.), or you can just use it to get around a forced Pass. Combat!Blue has hard staples in the de-levelling/anger hate cards, and Orange has a lot of freedom to fit in anti-Ally cards.
If you rock Saiyan, you can probably find a home for Saiyan Domination. Both Rampaging and Dynamic will make the card live fairly early on.

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