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  2. MetaX Green Lantern Spoilers

    Special thanks to Panini Games, here are TCGTopTier.com's spoilers for the next MetaX expansion, Green Lantern. Be sure to check out the Panini Blog if you're interested in more.
  3. MetaX Green Lantern Spoilers

    Special thanks to Panini Games, here are TCGTopTier.com's spoilers for the next MetaX expansion, Green Lantern. Be sure to check out the Panini Blog if you're interested in more. View full content
  4. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    I didn't really know where to post this, but it's confirmed on Retro that Fused MPs will have unique stacks ala how Fusion handles Fusions. The Fusion mechanic has been entirely dropped. Likewise, the next Gohan stack will end in Ultimate Gohan. :/ I'm really curious on Set 11 now, as all we know about it is it that it covers Majin Vegeta and at the very least, Mr Boo. Goku, Vegeta, Babidi and Boo seems a good guess. EDIT: Confirmed on Steam, no GT sets or MPs or anything.
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  6. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    Oh my great goodness. I forgot that card exists. This is no bueno.
  7. Draft Box Leaders

    I think Vegeta and Goku will be fairly decent and cause some issues for some "meta" decks
  8. Retribution Goten

    I mean the only drill I'm playing multiples of is disaster drill, and even that's only at 2 of. The reason being is it's really that crucial to have in play at all times (from lv 2 on), so I always want to make sure there's one to search for from life deck for the effects that only search life deck like the mastery. 1 card slot is more than worth it for reliability. Driving drill is a possible ally solution as well, but allies that give this deck the most trouble are allies that don't need actions. Ox king and android 15 are probably the worst (though some times destroying ox king is a risk). It would help against allies like bubbles or Gregory, but it does nothing against krillin ally. Krillin doesn't perform actions. His effect is a constant. You don't usually need to rely on the drill to destroy allies for you more than maybe once per game because there are other ways to deal with allies and you should put out a decent number of natural crits, but the fact that it's tutorable makes sure you have it when you need it. But again, if allies aren't an issue in the new meta I will likely drop examination. Similarly I wouldn't run allies of my own. I don't have the deck space to run support for them, so the are unreliable to get out and easily dealt with by your opponent when they do come out. I also don't want/need to be ending combat. I want to be in combat as much as possible. Orange meditation is at the top of the list of cards that may get added. Mostly for OP trunks. But the deck has a good amount of anger hate already, and meditation slows me down so I'm waiting to see how necessary it turns out to be. I haven't been able to test against op trunks yet (may just build one to play against). I hope I don't have to play it since it's not optimal, but you're right it may need to be in here. I would play rock throw in a deck that liked to mass drills, but this deck will only have a couple drills in play at a time. Just cycling out different ones. If I were to use rock throw I'd probably build specifically for it and not level as much. An adept, adaptive, or amplified build that masses drills could be fun.
  9. Retribution Goten

    To be honest, I'm kind of surprised you're playing quite as many copies of the drills as you are. For my own build, I only actually had 5 drills and they were all at 1 since there's a decent amount of innate Drill Rejuv in some of Orange's better cards, as well as Goten's Defensive Stance. Amuses me to no end that we both decided against using Goten's Rock Throw too. Personally, for the ally hate, I went for Orange Driving Drill. It's not got the innate destruction inherent in Examination, but with allies like Krillin, not to mention King Kai's bumbling duo, I don't really feel ally destruction is as effective as just making them straight up dead cards on the field. Especially since you need to return it and pull it back to board between each use. I'd rather just a continuous effect to keep them in place. Another difference between our builds is that I used the extra space saved from just running 1 of each drill for some allies of my own. Namely just ChiChi and Great Saiyaman though tbh, which plays again into Ally Hate as well as serving as a decent combat ender when I'm going up against a delevelling Blue Build and really don't want to be there. One thing you definitely need in here is Orange Meditation. In match-ups against Saiyan Oppressive Trunks, and even mirror matches against other Goten MPPV decks, this card is crucial and can stop you from losing entire games. It may mess up your own anger game a bit, but the ability to instantly stop the opponent's MPPV when they're making you endlessly skip is so much more important, especially in this upcoming meta where Oppressive is going to be seeing a lot of use across a variety of MPs. What's a saving grace here is the fact that it has a paranthetical attack attached. From there, I think most of our differences in decks come down to personal strategy preferences. I really don't see Goten needing multiple copies of drills though. His level 1 rejuvs a drills, his level 2 nets one from deck on level up, his level 3 comes one from anywhere so even if it's banished, it's cool, and his level 4 is a mini-Drillku, and his named block rejuvs 3 from drop and banished. The chances of you not having the drill you want/being unable to get the drills you want on the field, with Ret Mastery, are nearly non-existent unless you're specifically versing drill hate.
  10. Retribution Goten

    I know I focused mostly on the mppv aspects in my original post, but make no mistake, this deck will deliver the beats. The modifiers add up quick and are reliable. Every attack serves both win conditions equally. What makes decks like this tough to play against is that they feed both win conditions efficiently without detracting from the other. Make your opponent fight you on 2 fronts and you can dictate each engagement. It's very difficult to slow anger gain of this rate and weather this many hard hitting attacks at the same time effectively. Not many mps can do both effectively, but I believe goten can. Every additional attack feeds both win conditions (rising punch/left punch). Any card drawn in combat is likely to be an attack. Almost every attack will give anger and a good amount of damage. Especially with disaster drill (which should be out at almost all times). Even light hitting attacks like left punch add up quick. It's at+1 base. +1 or 2 from goten. +2 from disaster. Those are the reliable ones. AT may be mediocre but increases with number of attacks thrown and occasionally set at 4 with confidence. Let's say it's 2 for an average. So about 6 for the base case. This is the weakest attack in deck. Most are AT+4 base. Then there's other variables like check up/bottle drill, energy catch, etc. Bicycle or knee strike top out 18 stages on the extreme end. More likely around 10 on average. That's still a lot. Leveling up quickly in combat also leads to hand advantage in the form of mp powers. Examination drill is actually not here for the hit effect. That is just a bonus. It's main purpose is on demand ally hate. This was more useful in the time of restored gohan, so it may be less necessary now. But at the cost of only one card slot it's an easy include. Potentially cut able if allies aren't an issue in the new meta. Still more than half my attacks benefit from the hit effect as well as lv 1 and 2 attacks. I've tried intense training drill in the past and found it lackluster. I'm not against the drill and it's still possible it has potential, but it's not something I plan to test. I've got a metric ton of games under my belt with retribution physical, but goten will need some testing to be sure.
  11. Blue Resourceful Videl

    Broly with Blue Face Grab is going to wreck faces in Blue Resourceful I think. I only mention it because I think Videl pales in comparison. There might be a better Mastery suited for the lv2 + biting drill combo. Something where you have guaranteed anger lower for the mill 2. If you stick with Resourceful, then consider drills that perform styled attacks for the anger lower (I assume that's not counted as a mod?). Lastly, I don't know why you don't have Blue dominance to secure this combo by the way. The drill tutor alone justifies using it.
  12. Retribution Goten

    Biggest thing here might be that you have a few attacks that don't have hit effects for examination drill. Android rising punch and orange left punch seem kinda lackluster but I am seeing Ret Goten as more of an MPPV deck rather than the combo survival we have seen with Ret Goku. I have this feeling that Intense Training drill might actually be useful with Goten, but its probably just my imagination. If you test it, then I would love to hear about it. I think you have a solid starting point, and time will tell if you need dev blows for anger or focused assaults for unleashed engines. Retribution has got to be in a weird place right now though. Seeing as it could have been frozen and the last thing people want to see in topcut are Ret decks.
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  14. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    It's a shame Empowered was frozen. They should of just put restrictions on who could use it instead of shutting down decks that weren't even meta.
  15. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    We need cards that open up possibilities for having those silver bullet cards in your deck, even if you don't need the silver bullet itself.
  16. Set 10 Decks

    I thought about it some more, and there's not even really an advantage with Oppressive > Rampaging in regards to Sword Skill. You still need to HIT to get the opponent to skip, which means Rampaging would give you the extra anger anyway. The only things you really gain are the ability to go for stages instead of anger (which you won't), the draw/discard at start of turn, the Rejuv, and the ability to rely on Freestyle cards that force skips to get anger. And the last one isn't even relevant if you look at Gohan MPPV instead of Trunks, and I daresay, Gohan has better MPPV tools in Gohan's Power Punch. Heck, it might not be that relevant overall? I mean, I guess it turns all Styled attacks into a skip at start of turn? And honestly, if you're running Kid Trunks, I 100% think Oppressive is the better deal hands down. It works beautifully, and you have in-built skip to stop the opponent as well as the ability to draw into extra cards. I'd also say that rogue personalities like Broly and Nappa would probably do exceptionally well in Oppressive with unrelenting survival beat. But Future Trunks? The more I think about it, the more I feel he'd probably do better elsewhere. Slam and Knee Bash aren't especially potent for Oppressive, and about the only HUGE play he has is his Defiant Level 3 being able to force skip and then end combat. Which I guess is insanely potent, given how you're gaining anger each time you do it and the opponent is unable to really stop you, but even that might operate better functionally in Rampaging since you can pull the same strategy. Especially given the lower anger needed to jump up to 4, which means less puzzle pieces need to be stalled out for. What I find hilariously is in trying to test them against each-other, you can't really say which is better. Both are going to hit Level 4, and if you don't have an insane number of blocks on the ready to stop Sword Skill procing, both are probably going to hit MPPV. Heck, even the recipes between the two of them should only diverge on like, 3 cards. But outside of the draw and discard at start of turn, I cannot figure out how Oppressive Trunks would be any better in function than Rampaging. And I don't know if the draw + discard is worth more than the lowered anger cost? EDIT: Thought about it some more, and I can see the point with the Level 3 as you can force skip to grab a combat ender, then force skip with any Saiyan style card, then end combat, so you get 2 anger and end. But this feels as dependent on combat enders as Rampaging does on Sword Skip, so I think this is going to need to be constantly revisited if and when the meta adapts to stop Trunks' combat ending.
  17. Set 10 Decks

    The new Piccolo seems like it could be good in any style but Orange, honestly, they all have discard synergy, he has good physical beats effects too. I just find Videl and Goten more appealing and Broly more capable.
  18. Set 10 Decks

    Agreed. Haven't played against OP Trunks yet, but if it turns out to be as bad as they say it could be a problem. Not because I believe it to be unbeatable, but because it promotes non-interaction which is supposed to be enemy #1 in this game. That's why they nerfed Namekian Knowledge way back in set 1 and a number of other changes. Ascension vegeta/trunks was frustrating enough to play against. If this is worse then there's going to be a lot of feel bads to go around. Also posted Goten Rough Draft:
  19. Retribution Goten

    Here's a first draft at Retribution Goten. Main victory condition is MPPV, but it can also deliver the beats simultaneously. This will probably need fine tuning once i get time to test, but this is a decent start. Your key drills are disaster drill and crying drill (and to a lesser extent check up). keep cycling them in when you level to maintain reliable anger gain. You should theoretically get off level 1 in the first combat with lv 1 power, crying drill, mastery, and 1 single anger gain from another card. of course this depends on anger hate in your opponent's hand, but it is also likely that you draw more than 1 anger in hand. With broly (who has an almost identical lv 1 attack) I get off lv 1 in 1 combat probably 75% of the time. Leveling at the end of the first combat also sets up your lv 2 power to be more likely to hit which leaves you with 2 anger at the end of combat. Couple this with crying drill being put back into play (and disaster probably too) and your mastery power you are almost guaranteed to go to lv 3 with your next combat (barring major interference from your opponent). lv 3 then gets you drills back and lets you draw a card which will most likely provide additional anger (you most likely sacrifice a drill). This is especially true if you can keep disaster in play which shouldn't be hard with mastery and level up effects. Lv 4 is where you slow down the most, but it still guarantees disaster and crying for anger gains as well as the best level for beats. Maintain until you win. Pull check up as needed to keep blocks in hand (some of which also give anger). Mp: Goten set 10 Mastery: Orange Retribution Set Ups: 2 VTP x2 Drills: 8 O. Disaster Drill x2 O. Check Up Drill x1 O. Bottle Drill x1 O. Crying Drill x1 O. Examination Drill x1 O. Investigation Drill x1 O. Possession Drill x1 Events: 3 O. Juke x2 TIAWT Energy Attacks: 3 Orange Staredown x3 Physical Attacks: 32 O. Charged Kick x3 O. Uppercut x3 O. Left Punch x3 O. Extension x3 O. Android Rising Punchx3 Heroic Dashing Punch x2 O. Spine Kick x3 O. Collision x3 I'll Dig Your Grave x3 Orange Bicycle Kick x3 O. Knee Strike x3 Energy Blocks: 4 O. Energy Catch x3 O. Dismissal x1 Physical Blocks: 8 O. Refocus x3 O. Confidence x2 Goten's Defensive Stance x3 Things I've got my eye on for testing: -I ran the 3 staredown as a replacement for broly's board hate. I'd rather not have to run it if I determine it's extraneous. There doesn't seem to be any board states that would completely shut down both victory conditions, but better safe than sorry. Ox King definitely puts a damper on the beats. I also run the uppercut package to get reliable access to staredown. If I decide I don't need it I will probably drop those too and maybe 1 bicycle kick. -Spine Kick is new and needs testing. Seems good on paper for the anger and especially the skip to get the level up, but I wish it had endurance. Also helps with ally hate. -If Goten's built in drill searching proves to be enough I may drop extension down to 2 of or all together depending on how effective. Extension is great in those situations where you just get stuck and can't seem to level though as it provides the additional drill search to help turn the game around, so it's in for now. Using it to search for disaster is great because you still get the anger. -If the deck ends up becoming laser focused on MPPV I may drop Dig to 2 or alltogether as well. This would only be if survival doesn't really seem doable (doubtful) or if MPPV is just that much more viable (possible). -Suppressive Strike may get added in if I need more survival support and can sacrifice some mppv support for it -Left punch may go down in number as well if I find getting drills in play to be too efficient. Or I may drop some drills because 2 attacks for a net 4 anger swing is awesome. Let me know your thoughts.
  20. Set 10 Decks

    I've been following Retro pretty closely on these two. While I think Control should have a place, I don't like how both of these create a situation where the game basically becomes solitaire and arguably worse than the old Black Devious Krillin deck. :/
  21. Set 10 Decks

    Yes retribution goten is the answer. I did something similar with ret broly (which I'm still convinced is one of if not the best deck of the last few sets, and I'm not sure why it didn't catch on more) which powers toward mppv and survival simultaneously. Goten would work the same but sacrifice some power (and board hate) for faster mppv. It'll need testing/tweaks, but I'll put up a list soon. His drill search on level up just gives so many options.
  22. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    But then you have to waste room on those instead of fun cards... Granted, that's only competitively but still. Nobody likes putting Wall Breaker-like silver bullets in their deck. It's simply an unfortunate and necessary evil.
  23. Set 10 Decks

    I've been thinking about this a little bit, but when considering Oppressive Mastery, couldn't you take almost the exact same deck recipes, and apply them to Rampaging? It's not like Sword Skill is a new card, nor are any of the cards restrictively useful for Oppressive. Even the extra Anger gain from Oppressive isn't unique, since Rampaging offers similar levels of anger gain. This is probably more true for Gohan decks, since everything becomes styled, but like... Well, okay, everything becomes a "Hit:" anger gain instead. So your opponent can block their way out of some of the anger you're gaining. But the same general note of "force the opponent to skip, end combat" can be used, and honestly should be used in Saiyan MPPV anyway (it's literally the only thing that made my Rampaging Gohan MPPV work pre-Set 10). Honestly, MPPV in general should use that strategy where possible (I'd argue everyone should). And in theory, wouldn't the 4 anger to level up eventually match up to the same rapid hurtling towards MPPV that the opponent sure as sh*t can't stop?
  24. Set 10 Decks

    In play testing Orange Ret Trunks beat out Rampaging Trunks and Gohan by at least 2-4 turns. Unfortunately Goku exists in Blue. As of the Examination Drill combo, it was more of an anti-MPPV thing. Pretty oppressive if you can pull it off. Speaking of Oppressive, I 100% believe @sh0ryu_repp4 when he says that Oppressive is a monster MPPV. The biggest weakness of MPPV is that your opponent can react and even losing 1 anger at the wrong time is devastating. Remove your opponents ability to do anything till you're done is game breaking for MPPV.
  25. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    Weirdly, I feel like it's finally safe to say that maybe there's an actual use for cards that counter combat enders. At long, long last xD
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