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  2. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I used to have Perceptive Tien. Played it at Western Kai. Got Top Black and just missed the cut. If I had to rank Black Tiens, it'd be: Devious > Conflict > Perceptive.
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  4. Super Vegeta's Updated PanZ List: Want Foils & Promos

    I think I might have a few of these I'm trying to unload (I know I have Gohan, Unassuming lv 3 rainbow HT). I'll check tonight.
  5. Super Vegeta's Updated PanZ List: Want Foils & Promos

    I think I might have a few of these I'm trying to unload (I know I have Gohan, Unassuming lv 3 rainbow HT). I'll check tonight.
  6. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    Ah so you were the Black Devious Tien user! I wasn't present but saw your deck list and was super happy. Devious Tien was my first Pan Z deck and it is soooo much fun to play. I'm trying to make Black Perceptive Tien work right now but nobody plays near me so I can't playtest anything. I know OCTGN is a thing but then I have to set it up and make the decks and I'm so slow with it!
  7. Help with Ginyu

    Based on what singles I could get, thid is my current list. I think I may find ways to add in Appule, and I wish I had Champa's to put in. I also don't know how big a side deck can be. Leader: Ginyu The ginyu force lot x16 Cap Ginyu x2 Appule x2 Cui x4 Sorbert x4 Freiza avenging x4 Freiza The Terror x2 Seiscum x1 Goten x2 (the combo one) Freiza's call x4 Crusher ball x4 Dodoria x4 Mecha Freiza x3 (only had 3 to buy) I haven't played anyone yet, but just sitting and pretending to playthe deck should win or lose by turn 4. I really like freizas call to grab Burter who pretty has no downside withit. I may drop it down to a 2 of though. Currently my side deck is Jaco x4 Cap Ginyu x2 Roided out tripple strike freiza x2 Senzu bean x4 Whis Concern x4 This gives the option of adding in blue card depending on the matchup. I also like Togoma (?) Who protects your other cards. Before the saturday event I'll check the singles again to see if they have more Appules, Mecha freiza, and Champa.
  8. Tri-Mix Goku

    I did a ton of testing with this deck, and while it is A LOT of fun, you have to be very careful with pushing damage with it. If you push to quickly the opp. get's a crazy hand advantage, but if you are too slow you typically can't keep your field up with your double strikers. Definitely a lot of fun, just gotta find that balance in game.
  9. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I played Black Tien. We had the opportunity to play for money but only one person wanted to. So take that for what it's worth. The atmosphere was pretty chill and fun except for when Coombs got salty when I beat his Radiant Slug. You know, because I got "lucky." Other than that, I enjoyed playing against all my opponents.
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  11. Tri-Mix Goku

    The games that I was able to play with this deck were alot of fun but I really havent been able to really dig into this deck. I'll come back and really test this deck sometime but I've been too busy playtesting other decks with the limited time I'm able to play.
  12. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    What did you play? I don't see a Nail list on the DeadZone?
  13. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    The people in the Top 8 don't care as much about FanZ when they're just using the format as an excuse to play what's already meta in Panini Z so they don't have to invest any more money into the game. Not to mention the FanZ virtual sets and CRD updates haven't really done anything to shake up the meta since Awakening.
  14. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I can't speak for the other people in Top 8, but I had played with Set 9 before. In fact, I have a Bardock deck that was tempted to play. However, I accidentally brought Nail in my suitcase instead. I thought I had a good chance of taking it. There was only one deck I feared and while I somehow beat it in swiss, I had to get paired up against it in Top 8. Oh well. Them's the breaks.
  15. Sup guys!

    Welcome to the site!
  16. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I don't think so. I played Knowledge MPPV Gohan. My deck before that wasn't very good lol. This most recent tournament I played Blue Resolute Pikkon. Went 3-2. Both losses against Saiyan Gohan :/.
  17. Sup guys!

    Hey guys! Emceeza here. I'm a father, husband, body mod artist. Collector of high-end nerd things (comics, cards, props, signed, etc) Here for talking DBS TCG and makin' friends (mostly finding players to play with) I'm really excited to play, and if you live in central PA and want a free half deck, get at me! Also, since I have robotic components, I'm a literal android (looks human, has robotic components) and not a cyborg ;D
  18. Hi guys!

    Hey guys, I'd definitely like to see more deck profiles, as well as some live gameplay. I'm fairly new to the game, and my local shop has only come across 6 booster boxes, I bought 4. I was also lucky enough to pick up a launch box from a local distributor, which is really cool but nobody needs that many half decks lolol. The official website now has events listed, though they are very far and few in between. Also, judges will be chosen soon, and some kinda club for ranking and recording gameplay. I'm preparing some competitive decks, but with a lack of an organized club and the game hard to find right now, I think things are going to move a bit slower than most TCGs. I noticed a lot of people playing Champa, Vegeta, and Goku as leaders. I'd especially like to see some more leader strategies, and people's combo strategies. I feel like combos are the hardest part of the game. Maybe we can start a discord channel or some kind of live chat as well for players?
  19. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    Oh nice so you were at East Kai! Did we throw down? Like I mentioned in the previous post I was the Orange Adept Gohan guy. What deck were you running?
  20. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I am still super into Fan Z, but I don't care about new cards that much. I just want to play. I'll take new cards as they come but OP is what drives me. Sadly, nobody plays consistently where I live, but that won't stop me. I simply have to wait for yearly Kai events and accept that those will be the only Fan Z action I get to see. Like Antispor says, while not perfect or ideal, the game is in a great place. Awakening took a great direction...it is such a waste that the game was discontinued.
  21. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    the game has actually had the most variety it has ever had. Besides the constant Saiyan and Namekian Gohan's running around, every event has a different top cut of characters and styles. I'm pretty sure even Hercule topped one of the Kai events recently. It's not perfect but it's not a dumpster fire either.
  22. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    Yeah the same place as East Kai. My girlfriend and I played in that tournament as well! You're not an idiot facebook has seriously confusing interfaces when it comes to groups, events, and all the other junk that clutters the screen. When you are on Retro on the PC, I use my phone, there should be tabs on the top or left hand column that say "events". Click there and anything someone has added will be there. Also, I edited my previous post for some info on an OCTGN league if you're interested. You'll be able to find games online there.
  23. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    We're talking about The Comic Book Store that held East Kai, correct? That was a fun tournament. I can't be a regular due to the fact that it is a 6 hour drive for me, but I'll definitely follow them using my fake-for-DBZ-purposes-only facebook account. Antispor, I'm going to sound like an idiot, but whenever I try to navigate RetroDBZ I can only find information regarding past tournaments. Am I looking at the wrong page/in the wrong place? If you don't mind, could you post a direct link? I legitimately want to stay in the loop. I'm glad FanZ is still kicking to your knowledge. I want some more action! People thought Orange Adept Gohan was weird, but I am dying to show them what fun Fruit Rollups I'm going to roll out with next...
  24. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I recommend following The Comic Book store on Facebook and the RetroDBZ page. We just had a tournament with a turn out of 20 people this weekend. There's an upcoming tournament in Warwick, RI as well and it's listed in the events on RetroDBZ. FanZ is still very much alive, you just have to look in the right places. I've also been told The Comic Book Store is supposed to host an event every 1-2 months as well. If you are looking for other opportunities to play as well try the Dragonball Z OCTGN League on facebook. They host an event called WMAT where they draft each MP to a player.
  25. Set 10

    I don't feel like quoting these big posts. Regarding Naruto, it was set 6 in America where we got cards specifically designed for use in the English card game. That was a mess when it came to rulings and broken-ness. I want to say that there are sets where they found their groove and sets where an old man threw off their groove. It was a learning process for them as more sets came out. Their team eventually got as small as Panini's with one guy doing most of the work and I know he was trying. Card Slinger J, I'll agree that Bandai's Dragon Ball game didn't capture the spirit of the show, but I still liked the game and played it as a modded Naruto game that happened to feature Dragon Ball. With the lack of the old days where tons of anime got card games whether they deserve it or not, I don't think it's the M.O. of modern license-based TCGs/CCGs to base a game on a show. Japan especially with games like Miracle Battle and Weiss Schwarz. Artificial Human, It looks like what you're saying is that both Panini and Bandai were trying to capitalize, but Panini didn't put in the effort Bandai seems to be. I'll agree with that. However, I don't think Panini would've handled the rarity system better if they cared more unless corporate told them to. I look at MetaX doing the same old garbage as any other card game where you need several boxes to attempt playsets of rares and still be far off from DRs/URs. You'd think they'd make sealed product more attractive on such a risky and untested venture. Card design on the other hand... If they had more resources or actual hires, they might've done better. There's just so many times where I'm frustrated at cards that needed a buff or cards that made me question what they were thinking. I'll agree that Awakening was way too obvious with its cash grab qualities. Denithan, I like your take as well. However, I do think it's a cash grab to some extent despite the positives I can't say there was no effort put into bringing the game back. The introduction of critical effects, how allies worked, etc. were vast improvements on the original game. However, whether it was lack of manpower or laziness, it was clear that playtesting was not a regular thing for them. That and each style being designed by different people really didn't make the cards themselves very cohesive. It's not a terrible idea to do styles that way but the disparity between certain styles and MPs when it came to playability was really apparent. We needed a certain quality of card design across the board.
  26. Set 10

    I didn't mean to imply VG is part of the big 3, it's not, just that it benefited from YGO's problems a few years back. On the topic of Pan Z, H&V onwards doesn't have terribly many remakes or re-imaginings. Gold Titles dried up by Evolution. What the game is right now was what it was from 2012 in a healthier form, complete with broken or trash fan cards with nothing in-between and fan run tournaments, before Pan Z happened. All Fan Z really did vs Retro Z was solidify a team and make them well known. The development team also don't really mirror what corporate want, nor who decided to resurrect it for whatever reason. They just follow orders. I really don't think it's a coincidence that; >Premier had really obvious loopholes and power imbalances that should have been noticed had any playtesting had been done. >Nothing was done with the Big 3, Ginyu, Piccolo and Promo Krillin, two of which are from Premier, which had 4 print runs due to demand. >The game was complete weak sauce/balanced outside of the Big 3 until Perfection, the first set following IC Cardass in Japan. >The final set reinstated the original UR scarcity of Premier. :/
  27. Set 10

    This is an aside, but does anyone else just really god damn love it when card gamers talk about comboes from old games they used to really enjoy? Not being a shit or anything, genuinely one of the reasons why I frequent this forum so consistently xD Also, I don't know if I'd argue that Vanguard is in the big three. The big three, insofar as I've experienced, are generally Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Time will tell how badly Link has damaged Yu-Gi-Oh! since they actually had some record breaking numbers in the last year for player participation, but it has undeniably soured the fandom quite considerably. Vanguard is more of a secondary niche market, especially in the West, where it is generally considered an alternative to Yu-Gi-Oh. It's got a bit more presence in America, but Australia and the majority of Europe are still mostly unfamiliar with the game, while Pokemon is receptive of incredible turn-outs, insane support from the parent company and player-bases in pretty much any country you'll find the others. This all said, I will say that I don't think PanZ was a cash crab by any means. It's a bit late to weigh in on that one, and I won't deny that there were a lot of problems in managing it, but how they responded to the games cancellation, and the fact that several members of the original team have continued on in an environment where there is NO hope for financial growth (in fact, now costing them money as they organize events and prizes), belies that there were at least a considerable number of people who were genuine fans of either ScoreZ or GT. Or both. Rather than it being a cash crab, I would say that the game struggled from creative differences within the design department. I'd also argue that this is why the early sets of the game were so concentrated on reviving older cards; The fans of the original game had a vision that was going to build off the original game, while the overall company was a company, and just wanted revenue. In effect, it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a sanctioned mod of the originals with the goal of fixing what were their personally perceived issues with them.
  28. Set 10

    Dragon Ball Super CCG is taking in the demographic of players who used to play Buddyfight not Vanguard since it's still the go to Yu-Gi-Oh! alternative without breaking the bank. Rumor has it that Force of Will TCG is getting in on the popularity of MTG's EDH/Commander format so it'd be interesting to see If anything comes of it unless it ends of flopping like Tiny Leaders did. As for your argument about the Big Three and one to two tertiary games, like I said before the Secondary Market for Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games has gotten too big for any sort of sustainability for these games. It's why we have the Living Card Game business model to help offset the amount of games getting squeezed out from staying in production as Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. I don't remember Naruto CCG getting discontinued in Japan with Set 2 Coils of the Snake. If my memory serves me correctly it happened around the time Set 5 Dream Legacy was the last expansion that Bandai of Japan worked on for Naruto CCG shortly before Set 6 Eternal Rivalry was released. Soon after I started to notice the difference in quality between the cards from those expansions. In fact the Bandai forums for Naruto CCG even admitted that starting with Eternal Rivalry all cards were going to be designed in the U.S. Bandai of America from my understanding even started releasing English exclusive promos for the game through issues of Shonen Jump while it was still in circulation with Tragic Name Gaara being the most popular one due to his broken interaction with Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji from Eternal Rivalry and Sexy Jutsu from Set 3 Curse of the Sand. Having played against that combo I know full well how broken it was since my choices were limited to help counter it back then given what was available in the game's card pool.
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