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Ginyu Force Rules!

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Looking for something different to play this weekend? The Ginyu Force arrives!!

Ginyu Force rules! Damn, I've got that jingle in my head now...

This is something I ran at a recent 16 local person event (4 rounds with Top 4). It's a fun deck to play, as many people still haven't played against Captain Ginyu and can be easily overwhelmed by him. I had a really solid run with the deck, only losing by one life in Top 4 against a Blue/Green Vegeta being out combo'd for 5k.

Here is my current Captain Ginyu Decklist:

Ginyu, The Malicious Transformation

Battle Cards:
Mecha-Frieza, The Returning Terror x4
Frieza, Hellish Terror x2
Ginyu Force Jeice x4
Son Goten, Family of Justice x3
Appule x4
Ginyu Force Burter x4
Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant x4
Sui x4
Ginyu Force Recoome x4
Sorbet, The Loyal Commander x4
Ginyu Force Guldo x4
Avenging Frieza x4
Elite Force Captain Ginyu

Extra Cards:
Crusher Ball x4

Furthering Destruction Champa x3
Elite Force Captain Ginyu x2
Full-Power Frieza x2
King Cold, Father of the Emperor x2
Bad Ring Laser x2
Cui x2
Ultimate Judgment Jaco x2

The idea of this deck is to push out constant damage every turn while building up a board, then pushing an early "all-in" to win the game. Even if the opponent has a lot of cards in their hand, if you catch them early enough, you're going to auto combo them when they can't afford to pay for all the combo costs.

When starting with the deck, you're going to want to mulligan for as many copies of Sorbet, Avenging Frieza, and Dodoria as possible. These are the cards that are going to win you the game with the final push with a Double-Strike awakened Captain Ginyu leader. Also, if you see any Ginyu force members, send them back in the mulligan as well as we want them in our life to make the most out of Ginyu's power. Use Ginyu power every turn (even if you start first in the game - it can make a big swing).

Don't block with Sorbet unless you're going to lose - use his power and Dodoria to push final damage as much as possible (discarding a 5k combo or a Crusher Ball can during to 10-15K easily). Attack with Burter, Recoome, Sui, and Appule to apply early damage every turn.

When you play an Avenging Frieza, keep him out to evolve to a Hellish Terror towards the end of the game to help push out end game damage.

If they attack when you have 5 energy out, play out a Mecha-frieza to win the game (keep an energy open for a Crusher Ball - also be aware of an open Blue energy as Senzu Bean hurts this strategy). You don't really need Captain Ginyu since you usually win on T4 or T5 tops, but he's fun to include in the deck if it goes that far as alone he can attack with double strike and 30k.

If you have the promo Mecha-Frieza, he can be in this spot as well since he can get rid of a key combo card and lets you know if you should go all in on a combo or not.

Use Crusher Balls conservatively on low energy cost Battle cards, and save them for higher cost characters. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like Saiyan Cabba or Assailant Vegeta.  If you can, always keep an energy open to bluff the Crusher Ball, as needed. When you do this, a lot of opponent's play more cautiously, and because of that you're going to notice the games end up going more in your favor. 

Sideboarding depends on many factors, but generally I have a basic strategy when utilizing it for this deck. When sideboarding here,  against control swap out the 3x Son Goten for another Elite Force Captain Ginyu and 2x Furthering Destruction Champa (although three Furthering Destruction Champa  would be acceptable too). If they lack Battle Card removal, add in the two Full-Power Frieza. If you have a feeling you're going to start second (or the last game you went a bit defensive), swap in two of the Jacos for Elite Force Captain Ginyu and a Ginyu Force Jeice.

Overall, this is a really fun deck that's different to play with, especially if you want to catch people off guard with something different.

If you enjoyed this deck breakdown, we've been doing more on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more decks with even further breakdowns. We'll also have more articles on the site in the future.

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