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    Movie Collection 2

    Red Focus isn’t a bad card, but it isn’t a staple like Orange Energy Focus will be. Orange already has Orange Uppercut for toolbox energy beats, and now it has another one. I would agree that the two styles are distinct, but I still stand by my statement that the orange style cards have a trend of taking a red card and making them better/consistent. Saiyan has always kinda been the shortest kid on the block, but Majin Vegeta can at least make all their masteries playable at the present moment. Drawku, Gohan/FGohan, and Broly still have decks out there but they certainly don’t feel as threatening. The biggest problem with Saiyan decks is that they are pidgeon-holed into Unleashed to be competitive. I think this is partly due to the popularity of Blue style, and I am not sure how I would “fix” the style. Amanax, I would also be interested to hear why Orange isn’t winning in your play group. Adept Buu/Dabura/Drawku/Gohan are solid in my experience whether they use Unleashed or not. Adept Drawku/Gohan can even do energy beats. Combative Trunks isn’t dead. Adaptive H18, A20, and Yamcha are at least relevant. Hell I have an Adaptive Drawku deck that brutally abuses Orange Destruction, but I prefer Combative Trunks for that shenanigans.
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    Movie Collection 2

    I think the thing I am looking forward to most from this new set is the revealed Orange Energy Focus, and Orange Palm Charge A LOOOOT of hate towards the two orange cards over on Retro right now, and yeah they could maybe use a little balance tweaking, I like the overall feel of both these additions. Everyone may hate orange, but the style has been struggling for a while after taking hit after hit to the one playable strategy it had. Now, all it really has left is Adept, which struggles to keep up with some of the more consistent power houses in the stage beats department since it has such a bad reset if it levels at a bad moment. Palm Charge breathes new life back into Adaptive mastery especially since it's the only orange mastery left that doesn't get completely destroyed with a mistimed level change and now that it can play unleashed means it would be able to safely play devouring drill again as well (In case you missed out, most people find that devouring drill isn't worth the risk, since a person can unleash, level their MP and take away the advantage of the devouring drill play). Even without considering what it opens up in terms of new decks with old masteries, it also just gives Orange back a solid energy beats feel, which I think they should have. Physical beats have been pretty strong as of late and between stage beats locking you out of your energies and control decks not letting your energies hit Orange hasn't really been playing energy attacks nearly as often as mill cards and other whacky strategies to try and push damage. Palm Charge directly attempts to address the issue and I like the attempt. Would personally like the damage on it dropped so maybe it didn't push itself to crit threshold and probably limit it to reduce stage cost to minimum of 1 / both effects only apply to styled attacks.. but still. I like the card and what it is trying to do, regardless of what people say about it. Orange Energy Focus, okay I'll admit, I'm a bit biased on this one. Yes, the fact that this card is just basically a better version of Decap is going to upset people. Yes, just like with Decap this card immediately gets set as a 3-of in any deck looking to squeeze as much power and consistency from their energy beats as they can. But you know what else this card is great for...? My abandoned Combative Gohan deck! That's right! LOOK AT THIS GLORIOUS CARD! I can tutor it with Gohan level 2, if I use it as just it's own base attack I can drain myself to 0 AND have the advantage of it not banishing after use so that I can just combative mastery it back into the deck for the following combat, and if I need the utility of an attack in my discard I have all of that at my disposal on demand as well. I LOVE this card. Was SO excited when I read this thing. Can't wait to test the deck out and see how it does with this new goodie. Other notable cards I would like to mention; Red Focus says Hello to Red Frieza, Red Vegeta (Pick your flavor) and Red Tien. Resourceful Dabura is coming, so get your bodies ready. The new Krillin ally with Set 4 Goku or Hercule is going to get silly for some decks to try and get around, and I am enjoying all the support going to Conflict and Enlightened Masteries. We only have a week left before the set drops, and only a week after that until Grand Kai so my mind has been trying to go over as much of the dumb interactions as I can of what has been released. It has been a long 7 months of no sets but the set so far is something else, that's for sure.
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    Well since you talked me into it I went ahead and watched the dubbed version of the new Broly film online. My initial reaction is that it felt kind of rushed where the battle choreography was solid but wasn't as fluid as Classic Dragon Ball where there was more emphasis on animation cels than CGI similar to the high quality of Jim Henson puppetry from Classic Star Wars. I do feel as though there was a huge missed opportunity with Goku not being able to go MUI against Broly though they needed to make Gogeta canon somehow so I guess that's understandable. The Dragon Ball Minus backstory bothered me a little bit but wasn't as bad as I initially thought though. I'm waiting to see how this film ties in with the Galactic Patrol arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga since Broly, Cheelai, and her other friend haven't shown up yet. Maro is shaping up to be a more interesting villain than Zamasu where he was basically Turles 2.0. Also I can't help but not get as excited as I used to be since the Dragon Balls themselves always seem to negate the threat of death with each new set introduced throughout the franchise with the Black Star Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball GT being the only exception. I guess you could make a similar case for the Super Dragon Balls as well even though Whis can already do the work himself. Bulma's wish was a direct reference to the End of Z where she regretted not using the Earth's Dragon Balls to make herself 5 years younger though Frieza's wish was just a ripoff of Commander Red from Original Dragon Ball, even still the Red Ribbon Army reference was cute to say the least. I was kind of hoping for some extra scenes at the end credits similar to what the MCU has been doing which kind of felt like a sense of reward after everyone's already walked out of the theater. Now I'm just hoping that when the TV Series returns this Spring that it isn't another movie retelling like they've done in the past with Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F'.
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    It's true that I have been critical of Panini America's handling with the 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG in the past but that's only because I wanted to see it live up to the same potential that everyone had with Retro Z back when Score knew what they were actually doing until GT came around. Unfortunately my naiveness blinded me from seeing the writing on the wall much sooner just like with every discontinued Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game before it. I guess it's like the old saying, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." I've been fooled so many times that there's still a optimistic side of me hoping that one of those card games might take off. I do at least try to engage in conversations in a positive light like whenever I'm trying to get feedback on a deck that I'm working on or when I try to offer advice in the hopes that Panini America will listen and apply it to the actual game. I just get tired of feeling disappointed every time I set my expectations too high on something that I want to succeed when it's sort of become a trend that I've gotten used to over the years I guess. I apologize If I came off being mostly negative on the forums but that was mainly in hopes that Panini America would actually take the complaints we had and improve upon the problems onto the actual game in a positive light. True you do have a good point there however when it came to the allegations and scandals surrounding Vic Mignogna, I felt that it ended up hurting his relationship with Rooster Teeth more than it did with FUNimation since he's also famous for voicing Qrow Branwen in RWBY who to be fair actually gets more screen time than Broly does in Dragon Ball. I'll admit that I gone a bit overboard by saying that "it won't be the same without him" though If Sean Schemmel were faced with a similar situation that Vic Mignogna is currently in then it'd be no different. I mean heck If Peter Kalamis could bring a character like Goku to life in the Ocean Group / Pioneer Dub of Dragon Ball Z then whose to say someone other than Sean Schemmel from FUNImation can't? I think the problem is that we've grown so attached to the original English Dub Voice Actors in Dragon Ball to the point where we're too afraid to give someone new a chance. As much as I liked Linda Young as Frieza I've slowly gotten used to Chris Ayres' dub for him and while I do miss Colleen Clinkenbeard as Kid Goku / Kid Gohan I've sort of already gotten used to the changes by now. Now If something were to happen to Masako Nozawa to where she isn't able to voice Goku in the Japanese Sub anymore then I can imagine how upset a lot of Dragon Ball fans could get though much like what they did with replacing Hiromi Tsuru with Aya Hisakawa it was understandable in order to keep the Anime series moving forward. Even If Monica Rial somehow got replaced by a different female voice actor for Bulma it wouldn't bother me as long as she sounds similar though that's yet to be seen and I'd rather not get into Animegate like I did with Gamergate online when I should've kept my mouth shut at the time; but lesson learned. The problem I have with most Dragon Ball YouTubers is that they only seem to care about lying to viewers in order not to lose any subscribers when they're too afraid to be honest regardless of what happens to their channel. That's why I respect people like Mad Black Entertainment and Hail Zeon who to be fair "quit the Dragon Ball fandom" for the very reason I just pointed out. As for the Broly film, even though I already told one of my friends that I was planning on giving the film a hard pass I may change my mind and still watch it online though I'm mainly going into it for the spectacle and nothing else. Watching the English Dub for Dragon Ball Super has already become a guilty pleasure for me (though not nearly as bad as the Pokémon Anime) when it didn't feel that way when I used to watch reruns of Dragon Ball Z before Dragon Ball Super was conceived. It's basically become the Star Wars of Anime but to be fair, Star Wars has a much bigger cult following than Dragon Ball does but that's to be expected from a 40 year franchise compared to one that's only been around for 30 years. Does that mean Disney will buy out Dragon Ball? No of course not as they're not as familiar with Japanese culture as much as they are with American culture. Then again the Kingdom Hearts franchise by Square Enix I feel is a bridge connecting both cultures so for Akira Toriyama to sell his franchise to Disney like what George Lucas did with Star Wars actually wouldn't be out of the question. Honestly I think my main gripe with Dragon Ball's recent popularity is the Stereotypical Otaku perceiving it as the ONLY good Anime to watch when there's thousands of other good Anime franchises to choose from that aren't as popularized in the West. If they come to terms that there's more to Anime than just Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pokémon then that would help broaden and expand their horizons a bit more. The problem I'm seeing is that the Shounen Jump formula keeps chasing the zeitgeist of Dragon Ball to the point where a lot of newer Anime franchises like Black Clover keeps repeating what's already been established instead of being willing to try something new for a change. Usually you'll end up finding those types of Anime series outside of Shounen since the creators aren't as restrained and have much more freedom to create what they want. I think with the way the Industry has changed over the last few decades it's almost kind of hard to get a unique franchise that captivates audiences as much as Dragon Ball or it's just not advertised and promoted enough to gain the kind of momentum it needs to become more mainstream. Anime / Manga in particular are still considered niche when it comes to pop culture outside Japan so that's to be expected I guess. Video Game Magazine advertisements was one way to get the message across however it's gotten much harder due to the rise of digital over print media.
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    Majin Goo

    Balance, Value, and Realization

    @Denithan If you look at steam charts, the game hovers around about around 1200 - 1800 players each day. This doesn't mean the game is struggling or dying. Valve doesn't have to pay themselves to keep their game going nor do they have to pay themselves fees for any money they make. The game is still fun, a lot more in depth than competing games, and has options for play the others don't. With that said it could be doing better. Most of its problems is the perception of players. Consumers that have only known the Video Game market were culture shocked and this had a much greater impact then expected. You would assume, that once people realized that Tier 1 decks would be possible for less than $100 compared to other digital free to play games that either take several hundreds to get the deck you want or hundreds of hours to finally collect them, the perception would slowly change. It however didn't, and very few players outside of the ones experienced with paper card games were willing to grasp that a secondary market controlled by the players both provides a better ownership over the cards and an easier entry point. The next issue though comes down to Valve. The lack of OP. A game with this distribution method has to have OP or it will not survive well. One thing that really turned players off was that there was little return on playing the game and while they've added progression and some free stuff for playing, it would go a long way to have regular events with good payouts. Since their primary method for making money is selling packs and collecting the market fees, they can't rely on a system that gives away a moderate to a large amount of cards as a return factor. So there needs to be something people can spend their tickets on and this would have been a great opportunity for Valve to push live tournaments and events. I think this game is suffering from a combination of where consumers weren't sure and won't try and Valve thinking that having the engine up and their name on it would have been enough to get people to just blindly buy packs. I think they grossly underestimated how many players on free 2 play games stay free 2 play or spend very little money. With that said, a 1000 average players a day for a trading card game that you always have access to is technically successful for a TCG. As long as Valve can keep that game from dropping below a monthly average of 1000 and make changes to add more ways to play and try to add large events, I think it can still continue to exist and possibly thrive. As TCG players we know how important OP is in models like this. Look at how well PanZ did despite some issues, it was because the team dove head first and delivered OP even when they weren't ready. BanSuper, OP is what is making it successful. MetaX... Dying, not necessarily due to bad game play or subjectively shit IP's, but because an OP that was promised is not only late, but MIA.
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    Movie Collection 2

    Ah, might have misunderstood you then. But I will say the more interesting thing about Bojack is the “Malicious Intent” card that he will be able to capitalize best on. My gut-feeling is the new Broly can’t compete with how relevant M Vegeta is, but dynamic Broly will have saiyan menaces coming right out of the gate. If better tech comes out aganst level hop, or if ally mill gets stronger, then maybe Broly can compete. That’s my uneducated guess.

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