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    Majin Goo

    Balance, Value, and Realization

    @Denithan If you look at steam charts, the game hovers around about around 1200 - 1800 players each day. This doesn't mean the game is struggling or dying. Valve doesn't have to pay themselves to keep their game going nor do they have to pay themselves fees for any money they make. The game is still fun, a lot more in depth than competing games, and has options for play the others don't. With that said it could be doing better. Most of its problems is the perception of players. Consumers that have only known the Video Game market were culture shocked and this had a much greater impact then expected. You would assume, that once people realized that Tier 1 decks would be possible for less than $100 compared to other digital free to play games that either take several hundreds to get the deck you want or hundreds of hours to finally collect them, the perception would slowly change. It however didn't, and very few players outside of the ones experienced with paper card games were willing to grasp that a secondary market controlled by the players both provides a better ownership over the cards and an easier entry point. The next issue though comes down to Valve. The lack of OP. A game with this distribution method has to have OP or it will not survive well. One thing that really turned players off was that there was little return on playing the game and while they've added progression and some free stuff for playing, it would go a long way to have regular events with good payouts. Since their primary method for making money is selling packs and collecting the market fees, they can't rely on a system that gives away a moderate to a large amount of cards as a return factor. So there needs to be something people can spend their tickets on and this would have been a great opportunity for Valve to push live tournaments and events. I think this game is suffering from a combination of where consumers weren't sure and won't try and Valve thinking that having the engine up and their name on it would have been enough to get people to just blindly buy packs. I think they grossly underestimated how many players on free 2 play games stay free 2 play or spend very little money. With that said, a 1000 average players a day for a trading card game that you always have access to is technically successful for a TCG. As long as Valve can keep that game from dropping below a monthly average of 1000 and make changes to add more ways to play and try to add large events, I think it can still continue to exist and possibly thrive. As TCG players we know how important OP is in models like this. Look at how well PanZ did despite some issues, it was because the team dove head first and delivered OP even when they weren't ready. BanSuper, OP is what is making it successful. MetaX... Dying, not necessarily due to bad game play or subjectively shit IP's, but because an OP that was promised is not only late, but MIA.
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