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    Movie Collection 2

    Yeah I can certainly agree with the sentiment towards the set overall. For a 7 month wait, it doesn't feel like it's quite what I was hoping for. If this had been a normal 3-4 month wait I would probably be more than happy with what everything got. Orange got support for a mastery that wasn't seeing much play. Red got more named card and alien support. Black got some cards to help with combos. Blue got more support to help a mastery with low representation. Saiyan got shafted again by getting, as Denithan put it, another archetype with no other support to actually really build around. Oh, and the free style cards help fill holes that the community has asked for (A generic replacement for Overpowering attack so ally decks outside of blue can exist, and something to answer Mischievous hand hate). It's support on par with what I would expect from a single set. But enough time has gone by that we should almost have had two sets in the release period. We'll see if it's enough to stir up the pot as things move on though. I will say, one blue card that I am actually surprised about is Blue Agility. I just starting testing it last night and I must say I like it. Much like orange, it's another attach target without a detach clause. This is a big deal. Yes, blue had both Smug Punch and Rebuke as good attach cards before, but they both had the same detach clause of your opponent leveling up. Made it harder to stack them for multiple level jumps from unleashed. Blue Agility adds consistency to unleashing in Resourceful. It also not only gives you a damage amp to help that same deck, but gives ALL of your physical attacks anger hate, making Smug Punch stick longer. I had a test game last night where I had smug punch and agility attached, and since most of my physicals from hand didn't reference anger, every successful attack would lower anger by 4. Even the attacks that did reference anger mostly had an immediate effect to lower my opponents anger 1, so with agility attached, success still meant a -4 anger attack instead of -2. Made it incredibly hard for the opposing deck to have any significant amount of anger. A little over kill? Maybe. But I found it to be pretty useful in the one game. I plan to test it some more tonight and see if it was a fluke or if this might be something to keep an eye on.
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