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    Movie Collection 2

    To be honest, I have tried it out in Combative, and it's kind of a coin flip on if it's better or not. The extra focus on Drill Tutoring in my energy fills my deck with a few more dead cards once I get the more important drills out, and it honestly doesn't swing quite as much; On the flip side, it loses the "Suicide" element of the deck, so strictly speaking, it's probably the better build, but I'm not here to play well. I'm here to have crazy fun |: Speaking of, level hopping Future Gohan is honestly hilarious to play, but it's kind of led me on this weird journey to find the best personality to take advantage of Red Focus (so the one with the best Named Cards). So far, besides the obvious ones of Vegeta and Frieza, I'm actually vibing with Trunks, Krillin and Tien. All 3 of them have a pretty decent range of named cards that offer decent variety. Krillin especially has a lot to gain from rocking out RF, with extra access to Solar Flare to end bad combats, Kamehameha for board control, and Destructo Disc for that guaranteed damage when you need it. Right now, I'm trying him out in Ascension so that I can passively get some anger (and maybe some levels) by opening combats, using my Mastery, and then throwing out a Blinding Energy Move/Solar Flare to immediately end the combat, doing some small damage and gaining 2 anger (and stockpile setups/drills one I hit level 2), but I'm wondering if there's a more effective, less slow-burn Krillin deck in Amplified. Eh, I'll tool around with it some more.
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