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    Stomach Crusher is the card I was forgetting. I knew I used to run something in the older sets but couldn't remember what it was. Might sneak that back into some decks. Tag Broly does sound fun, but Jaith I like where you are going with Ginyu. I have kind of off and on been poking at Ginyu here and there everytime I build him though I end up blue so I can get back my banished allies and then wonder why I'm not playing Gohan since he can do whatever my strategy was but better. Black Ginyu does sound interesting though. Still have to worry about getting your allies banished, but you have access to some good tech from black to try and snipe the opponents cards that banish. I might give that a try, especially with Raditz being able to grab those powerful black setups and Possessive drill acting as a backup to Shenron. I also agree with Jaith about DB decks vs oppressive. It just takes one turn of them being able to cap balls and you are toast, especially with Saiyans reveal to crit cards for both Goku and Broly, and then Vegeta has access to things like his Galick Gun to double crit. There is a world where you could just continuously keep your balls uncapturable, but.. I don't have much hope for that match. I'd rather be ascension raw anger and punish their combat ends by furthering my win con lol
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