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    Red Focus isn’t a bad card, but it isn’t a staple like Orange Energy Focus will be. Orange already has Orange Uppercut for toolbox energy beats, and now it has another one. I would agree that the two styles are distinct, but I still stand by my statement that the orange style cards have a trend of taking a red card and making them better/consistent. Saiyan has always kinda been the shortest kid on the block, but Majin Vegeta can at least make all their masteries playable at the present moment. Drawku, Gohan/FGohan, and Broly still have decks out there but they certainly don’t feel as threatening. The biggest problem with Saiyan decks is that they are pidgeon-holed into Unleashed to be competitive. I think this is partly due to the popularity of Blue style, and I am not sure how I would “fix” the style. Amanax, I would also be interested to hear why Orange isn’t winning in your play group. Adept Buu/Dabura/Drawku/Gohan are solid in my experience whether they use Unleashed or not. Adept Drawku/Gohan can even do energy beats. Combative Trunks isn’t dead. Adaptive H18, A20, and Yamcha are at least relevant. Hell I have an Adaptive Drawku deck that brutally abuses Orange Destruction, but I prefer Combative Trunks for that shenanigans.

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