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  1. Vidar is a lit unit. I was oogling the protoype model of it hard trying to figure out what colors I would like on it before it thoroughly debuted. As a fencer, I do love how it's a fencing based unit, and he has duel pistols. What's not to love? Kimaris-Vidar is ugly. Only cool thing it has is the knee-cap hidden drills. IBO though was just... different. It was refreshing after years of baby gundam to finally get something that was meaty and not a watered down bottle of formula. I enjoyed Unicorn, but the ending to that was just bullshit. I loved Build Fighters soley for the idea behind it... and also because Build Fighters was amazing in terms of characters and writing. Try and DIver though suck. Only good thing about try is the Gyancelot and R-gyagya. Because Gyan is my favorite mobile suit. But anyway, you had those that only had a threat of "meh models" which... as modeler I get, but the weight of it isn't as severe. AGE was just kinda childish and it felt more super robotty, G Reco made me feel mental handicap. So then comes along IBO that follow absolutely NO prior formula to gundam. Hell I still say the first season felt like an RPG with them upgrading units based on what they found. You can pick out Barbato's weapons and armor from previous fights. The cast owned, even if Mika was kinda dull(but realistic because that kid was 100% autistic). IBO was full of plot twists you don't see coming. I've referred to it often enough as Gundam of Thrones because, it really is GoT: Gundam Edition. The only plot twist I called from the get go was Vidar's identity. From what Rustal says S2E1 it's a dead ass giveaway. Some of those deaths though, they either get you super emotionally, or catch you COMPLETELY off guard... like the... Do we have spoiler tags here? I don't want to list it but lets just say it's three gun shots and you likely screamed at the tv.
  2. It's been awhile sense you posted this but hell, I have a gundam model thread here and I'm almost as big of a Gundam fan as I am a Megaman one. I personally hate Wing. I'll admit some designs are cool and logical, like Sandrock and the Goose's, but like, when Heavyarms take a beam saber from Wing to the chest and nothing by a few sparks fly off I tend to toss the show off my "This was kinda cool" radar. One thing though you may be forgetting is that the grunt units in Wing were not made of the same metal. The Gundam's were insanely more durable. If you wanna talk the Serpent Leo's, which are super badass, You'll notice it took a dickload of hits to damage the 3 gundams that were fighting them. And hell, I'd even wager that Sandrock's shontel's getting wrecked was more of a 'used it till it broke' deal than it taking stray bullets. I can't fault you for liking Wing. I like IBO, like, alot. Guison Rebake is one of the coolest gundam's I've seen in a long time. My favorite is still Mudrock but man does that tasty brown four armed badass give him a run for his money. My favorite series though is 08th MS Team, and G Gundam.
  3. I got the same message, but lol'd it. I've been a member here long enough and posted enough to know better.
  4. I recently was cleaning my house to move and came across my 3 decks I had never finished because promo's were expensive and no venues had them. Then the store I played at shut down. I wouldn't mind picking up some of the cards I needed for those as I hope they are cheaper now. One was the Ginyu force and I'm kinda bummed the Ginyu's from set 1 don't work with the new red line. I wouldn't mind doing a two color deck for them, but they just don't mesh.
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