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  1. The crazy thing is that Kid Trunk’s Skip powers can trigger off of your opponent’s skips. Another thing I don’t like about Red is that Ascension Control Ball seems to be coming back, and it has always been an annoying archetype for me. When I play ginyu outside of tag team Mastery, I try to shape my game plan around getting the most out of my allies when I have them but still have conditions to comfortable win without them... my idea is if you are critting my allies then you are not critting my anger. Aside from an MPPV variant, I think a level 1 camp variant can also work (like you suggest with Raditz).
  2. Tag Team Broly sounds like a lot of fun actually, with dominance plus paragus/anger he could, in principle, even get to level 2 consistently. He also has utilities in the form of cooler and nappa. I like it! But lets be real here, Ginyu should be in this meta, and will be. If you asked me now I would say Mischievous Ginyu will be an up and coming deck. As a DB deck, I would not want to play against an oppressive deck that spams unpreventable damage and then ends combat. Imagine him grabbing namek ball 7... he wouldn't even need to filter through his hand anymore.
  3. I had brutally lost to Oppressive Kid Trunks a few months ago, to the point where it felt like I was being retaught how to play this game for the very first time. I wasn’t very close to sober at that moment though, and when I thought about it later I assumed M Vegeta’s popularity would keep the deck in check. But I still have no idea how to address this crap, x3 On the Move and M Vegeta lv2 are not enough of a force in the meta to keep decks like these in check.
  4. Focused Blast is cute, but it is indeed Focused Assault because this deck struggles to deal critical damage to clear wallbreaker. energy block package used to include x2 buffer (with x2 and x2 of the others) but now it’s x3 crossed guard because it’s too essential for the target rejuv. with those x2 buffers, this deck was also running x3 crushing beam, and x2 Thrusts for some nice endurance... Was using fusion before risk because stage beats is nasty. I also had Kami’s guardian drill and aggressive drill at x2 each. I rarely ever get all 3 drills out so I would prefer just those two drills at x2. this deck swings from high risk cards to safe cards... so far I am enjoying Namekian risk and robotic destruction, but I think risk has to go (I need my dballs for right throw). So risk will probably be replaced with growth. Btw Crushing beam is just to solid. I get to shuffle my target rejuvenate and my dballs from bottom!? Phuck yes!
  5. While some might say this is a stupid version of Knowledge Piccolo, I would argue that this deck is surprisingly fast at anger and has some unique combo's and perks. Most of the attacks here gain anger; its a straight MPPV deck that is actually pretty hard to kill. 1) Kami's early levels grab you drills that net you anger with knowledge mastery. Aggressive Drill provides 2 anger even if you can shuffle a banished ball back in when this enter's play 2) Kami's paranthetical (lv 3) nets you 1 anger and his power potential 2 anger, (Namekian Risk and Robotic Destruction allows this to happen more often) 3) Namekian Duck is essentially a Red Blocking Hand that recycles itself in the deck. 4) Namekian Choke is very welcoming board control, which is not taken for granted in a Namekian deck. Kami Knowledge Mastery Earth Dragon Ball 1-7 Korin Namekian Empowering Drill x1 Namekian Aggressive Drill x1 Kami's Guardian Drill x1 Dragon Radar x1 Namekian Dragon Clan x1 Namekian Risk x2 Heroic Energy Sphere x1 Halt x1 Time Is a Warriors Tool x1 Namekian Hyrbid Defense x3 Namekian Baricade x2 Namekian Robotic Destruction x3 Namekian Right Throw x3 Namekian Direct Strike x3 Namekian Choke x3 Namekian Knee Block x3 Namekian Duck x3 Namekian Surge x3 Namekian Destruction x3 Legendary Blast x3 Focused Assault x3 Crushing Beam x2 Namekian Protective Posture x2 Namekian Crossed Guard x3 *edit on getting a card name wrong, and minor adjustment to block package.
  6. Yeah I don’t play the level-hopping blocks in trailing blast decks for precisely that reason. I suppose there is an “all in” mentality you can have where you only need your trailing blasts for one combat, but with time and combat Enders it is ultimately not worth the risk for me.
  7. Level hopping is good fun, and I think we will see Red Focus in a few M.Vegeta builds, since it will enable him to use all of his final flashes more often, which will be critical in some match ups. I want to make a Tien deck but I can only see him viable as a lv1 camp build as his lv2 is blandly mediocre. If the next masteries have when entering combat effects, then I can certainly see Tien becoming a force.
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