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  1. Jaith1

    Ascension Yamcha deck

    Here is the latest iteration of the deck: Red Relaxation x3 Red Promonition x2 Namek Dragon Ball 4 Unleashed x3 Heroic Energy Sphere x2 Confrontation x3 Red Observation x1 Time is a Warriors Tool x1 Yamcha’s Rescue x3 Red Blocking Hand x3 Red Reverse x2 Red Flee x3 Red Brace x3 Quick Blast x1 Red Trailing Blast x3 Red Energy Blast x3 Red Static Shot x3 Red Tandem Blast x3 Red Combined Blast x3 Red Downward Burst x2 Red Android Twin Beams x2 Red Controlled Blast x2 Red Shielded Strike x2 I swapped out left bolt and energy toss for Palm Shots and enhanced beams because the deck felt in need for endurance. Both of my discard pile tech options are now endurance 1, styled (relevant for lv2 and Red reverse), raise my anger 1, and only cost 2 stages which has drastically improved the deck. I dropped Red Disregard and Battle Pausing because I decided to stop screwing around mostly. Red Controlled Blast is the new phys block because I can tutor it with my lv2 against phys beats and still use it in other match ups. Red Shielded Strike is an underrated card, but I still laugh at how it’s floating effect (that you pay 3 anger for!) stops itself. Needless to say it’s still good for what it does and has endurance 2. Lastly, I replaced Expert Assistance because Majin Vegeta is too relevant. I am very happy with Red Premonition as both anti-mppv/Unleashed tech. It’s just a crucial combo piece for that kill combat and I am embarrassed how long it took me to remember to include it (my ruthless Drawku was running this card ffs). Overall I am really happy with the deck at this point, but this will likely change when the new set is released.
  2. Jaith1

    Movie Collection 2

    Ah, might have misunderstood you then. But I will say the more interesting thing about Bojack is the “Malicious Intent” card that he will be able to capitalize best on. My gut-feeling is the new Broly can’t compete with how relevant M Vegeta is, but dynamic Broly will have saiyan menaces coming right out of the gate. If better tech comes out aganst level hop, or if ally mill gets stronger, then maybe Broly can compete. That’s my uneducated guess.
  3. Jaith1

    Movie Collection 2

    While Bojack’s synergy with Malicious Intent and Resolute Mastery are obvious, I don’t actually think he needs Blue style to thrive. His engine synergizes with blue, sure, but I believe he can easily thrive in other styles. I hope to see him Red but I anticipate seeing him in Black/Orange for sure. He is pretty cool because he will be the best MP to tutor stuff from his discard to his hand. Broly is of course interesting. He will replace Raditz as the “Saiyan Menace MP” and he will also be able to effectively tutor anything from discard with Saiyan Rescue and his lv3 power. I expect to see him in hybrid beats, but not pure energy beats. It will certainly incentivize discard pile hate again. My Devastating Blows will pretty much go back in my deck at this point.
  4. Jaith1

    Ascension Yamcha deck

    Well, to be fair, prideful challenge can’t touch relaxation. I have just encountered too many Nappa/Yajiribe allies recently. in regards to battle pausing: this deck was originally a ruthless energy beats deck, but I quickly discovered I needed more stages/anger for what I was planning to do. The inspiration comes from here: https://dbztopcut.com/deck/red-ruthless-yamcha-15 where battle pausing allows you to better sculpt your hand for that killer combo. I am also debating on whether I should run more anger to misguide my opponent, but there simply isn’t room in the deck for that.
  5. Hey guys, thought I would break the ice here and post some decks I am fooling around with. Here I will present Ascension Yamcha combo energy beats. Red Ascension Mastery Yamcha - Sleeping Yamcha - On the Move Yamcha - Surprised Yamcha - Happy Yamcha's Expert Assistance x3 Red Relaxation x3 Unleashed x3 Heroic Energy Sphere x3 Confrontation x3 Battle Pausing x2 Time is a Warriors Tool x1 Yamcha's Rescue x3 Red Reverse x2 Red Blocking Hand x3 Red Disregard x3 Red Flee x3 Red Brace x3 Energy Toss x3 Quick Blast x1 Red Trailing Blast x3 Red Energy Blast x3 Red Static Shot x3 Red Left Bolt x3 Red Tandem Blast x3 Red Downward Burst x2 Red Combined Blast x2 Red Android Twin Beams x2 Attacks: 25 Blocks: 18 Events: 11 Planning: 6 Endurance: 41 Ascension Mastery was chosen for this deck because I liked the anger it provides for my anger resource cards and its ability to slime a level or two throughout the game. 'Lower Your anger 3 levels to do x' is effortless with Ascension seeing as you get a free anger at the end of combat and then you can mastery for the 1 anger + skip. This has proved to be a simpler fool-proof method compared to Amplified+Embarrassing drill. In addition, Ascension's 2 stage gain per crit proved to be invaluable when I finally get that dream combat to start chaining red trailing blasts with unleashed/tandem blasts. At the end of the day, it still doesn't have an answer to Black Power up regrettably. Red Team Fire being banished after use and no endurance proved to be too clunky (couldn't recycle it with the lv2). I am exploring the idea of Namek Ball 4, and Red Observation and ditching my set-ups completely (Maybe run x2 Moment of Peace). Quick Blast has proven very useful in disrupting SKai's ability to recycle blocks, so that's a card worth running x2-3 of, especially with bio-broly's selective rejuv nonsense just around the corner. Tandem/Combined Blast also provide amazing control, as is already established. -3 Red Relaxation -3 Yamcha's Expert Assistance +1 Quick Blast +1 Red Combined Blast +1 Red Observation +1 Namek Ball 4 +2 Moment of Peace Any comments/advice are of course more than welcome!

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