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  1. Denithan

    Movie Collection 2

    Unfortunately, I don't have a dramatic amount to really contribute to the styled cards so far. My main feeling on them is that I like that they are all fairly distinct from each-other; Black has Events, Orange has Energy Beats, Red has Named Attacks, Blue has setups, Saiyan has Not!Rejuv/lockdown and Namekian has a utility/archetype card. I like that. It's only a few cards, but I like that each color is focusing on something different. I really hope that carries on through the set. On the whole Red V Orange thing, I lean towards Amanax's thinking in that the two still feel rather distinct. Especially with Juke and Stop, since Stop will always place it into play, while Juke is mostly a Rejuv unless you're playing it fairly early or something has gone horribly wrong (in my experience). Stop is also not brutally murdered by Majin Vegeta, so in this meta I'd say it's the stronger of the two. That said, I don't think Orange is doing as badly as stated going from the Dead Zone reports, with two different Orange decks (& Masteries/MPs) placing second and third in the Dragon Prix. I definitely think the style is having a harder time of late than it historically has, and is perhaps leaning on MPs to help sustain pace, but I don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing. I'm also not sure if that's even untrue for all the other styles right now. A bit of a side note, but it only just clicked with me while I was looking over the cards that Saiyan has a theme of HIT effects. I want to clarify here that I always recognized those strong HIT effects, but I've never really recognized it as one of Saiyan's themes any more than any other color had them. Mostly just thought of the style as a cluster of different themes aimed at beatdown that dropped MPPV for easy-leveling.
  2. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Oh, I'm straight up not even trying to justify what the anime did with the BoG and RoF retellings, just that there was some merit to the new scenes. As I said, I REALLY don't want a repeat of that shit, but a retread of the Broly arc which spends more time exploring Saiyan culture in the flashbacks, that lets us see more of the fight between Frieza and Broly, and maybe at least mentions the fact that the fight broke through dimensions could have some merit. There are some pretty interesting things that could be explored in Broly, like Cheelai's background, what life in the Frieza Force is like to ordinary soldiers like Lemo, and heck, even some more scenes of Broly growing up and how Paragus was with him could give the story some extra depth. I have NO faith in them to do any of this, but it's there. It just flat out wasn't even THERE for BoG or RoF in the first place, so those were both doomed from the get-go. And I agree that Dragon Ball needs to focus less on new forms, but there is still an issue in that the genie is out of the bottle with Evolution and Kaioken. And the main thing that's bothersome is that there didn't even really need to be an extended fight scene with these forms; at the end of the day, they're both just changes to Blue's aura, and it would've been easy to draw the respective auras on Goku and Vegeta when they fired the Galick Kamehameha. Just that little visual tick signifies to us the full levity of Broly's threat. That said, I do hope for a Fourth-Grade/Full Power-esque explanation for Blue if they do retread the water here. Something that makes Kaioken and Evolution power-ups irrelevant. Also, it hits me now that the movie full-well could've followed the manga's timeline, and that the implication could've been Goku and Vegeta using SSB-Full Power, which... I'm actually kind of down for? Also, if I'm honest, I really didn't take to the whole Goku Jr./Vegeta Jr. thing that GT tried to lead off into. It was never really an issue of it not being Goku for me though; I'd quite like a series following Gohan, Goten, or even Pan. Heck, I'd be down for an Uub-led tale without all the Saiyan tack, even after Goku's "left forever." But if we're going to do a "next generations" thing, then let it be a NEXT generation. Not just a rehash of Goku, with a character who looks like him, has a lot of his traits, and uses his same techniques. That's not a next generation, that's a cop-out and an excuse to remaster the same exact story, even with the same rival. I honestly think if you're going to do a next gen for Dragon Ball, then go all in and don't just redo the Dragon Ball of yesteryear. I agree that Super is an awkward middle point, and what's sad is that it didn't need to be. I bring it up a lot, but it's honestly one of the things that the Future Trunks Saga showed me. There are plenty of ways to give us compelling stories throughout this universe with lasting, permanent consequences that wouldn't interfere with the end of Z, and those consequences could do wonders for the show. Heck, they COULD have done an entire rehash of the Shadow Dragon Saga, and make it so that the End of Z was a world without Dragon Balls (which also adds extra layers of humor to Bulma's frustrations).
  3. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    On the point of missed opportunities, I wasn't so much bothered by the lack of MUI, but more so by the lack of the forms preceding it. Where was Blue Evolution, and Kaioken x20? Honestly, the impression it leaves is that Goku and Vegeta either dicked around too much to access their strongest forms, or that Broly wasn't yet such a threat that those forms were necessary. That said, I think those missed opportunities come back to how inflated the movie was. Going by what Toriyama was saying going into the movie, and by the novelization of the movie, there was a LOT that had to be cut out to make it as short as it was. Adding to that, I imagine they had to cut out the Frieza V Broly fight (which still felt really janky to me at the end, where Whis jumps in), and they probably had to cut out those final forms. The dragon ball point is something that honestly is just a plague to the show in general, and it's what made things like Trunks' future and the Shadow Dragon Arc in GT work. They're a narrative device which originally had a lot of holes to jump through, but that got made way too generalized to the point where they're just harmful. Back when the body needed to be preserved, and you had to know where it was, and where there were pretty clear limits to it's power, it was fine. They served a similar narrative purpose, but there was still some real risk at hand if the body was destroyed. Unfortunately, I do think they're going to do a movie recap when the series relaunches, but honestly, I'll still probably give it a watch. Just, given how much they (supposedly) had to cut out of the movie in order to make it the right length, I think there's a lot they could add that we've straight up not seen. Kind of like the scenes where we got to see Goku and Vegeta first find Blue. There's some genuine value to retreading these waters if they do so, but my god, I really hope they don't do it like they did with Battle of Gods and RoF. That shit was rough. I do want to throw out there that I am glad for what we got. I liked having a story that didn't focus too much on Goku and Vegeta, but more on a new character that we've not really gotten to know. I'm glad that they didn't go with this stupid destined children, born at the same time nonsense that was put forward in the trailers. I loved seeing King Cold again, if only briefly, and I really hope that we get to see more of his legacy as the series continues (as I think it's one of the few interesting things leftover from Z they can chase). I liked that the movie didn't focus TOO much on the Broly fight (which was the part I liked the least); it was still a large part of the movie, but it didn't take the dominant part of the run-time, and the focus was definitely more on the history of the Saiyans and on introducing new characters. That said, while I enjoyed the first half of the fight, I could take it or leave it after Broly transformed. At that point, it got a bit too hectic and all-over the place to really satisfy any kind of itch, or to clearly see what the characters were doing. I also really liked how much of a great job they did with some of Broly's expressions, especially when you see him recoiling from Gogeta Blue in fear. How you see his pupils, his expression, and how his body is shaking. That was something I haven't seen in Dragon Ball before, and I think that level of focus on body language does a lot to build a more reserved character like Broly.
  4. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Honestly mate, that's completely fair. There is a lot of legitimate criticism to be levied at Panini America, and a HELL of a lot of criticism to be levied at Dragon Ball nowadays. For the record, I didn't mean my comment as a dig at you, nor was I trying to make you feel bad. It's just concerning how frustrated you seem to be, to the point that it seems like the IP just stresses you out nowadays. But hey, if you're enjoying the English dub (even as a guilty pleasure), more power to you man. God knows, I watched/read Bleach to the end as a guilty pleasure, regardless of how utterly terrible it got. Also, this got really long, so I'm going to section it to make it easier to read: Vic Voice Actors Cult Followings (Star Wars V Dragon Ball) Anime in the Digital Era On the topic of the thread though, tell me if you ever do give Broly a shot. I'm actually pretty down to talk about the good and the bad of the movie. Shit, give me a holler if you wanna talk about any of this stuff, it's all pretty fascinating to me.
  5. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    @Card Slinger J , dude, I gotta seriously ask, do you actually engage with things in a positive light at all? Like, I feel that there is a certain credence and power that is lent to approaching things with critical eyes and some level of negativity. But I do not think I have ever seen you post on this forum in a manner that could be considered positive. And I need to sincerely ask; Is that what you're like in general, or is it simply that you only engage when you have something you are bothered by/about? Beyond that though, on your point of Vic, I don't know if it will hurt the series too dramatically. It's one character with a singular canon appearance to date, with whom younger viewers wouldn't know from the older movies. Beyond that, Broly is a largely silent character who is more expressive in his reactions, body language, and (in the old movies) his taunts. He is not a character who gives exposition, or who really communicates in gainful ways. That point, plus the allegations and scandals surrounding Vic at present, whether you agree with them or not, means that this is definitely a positive PR stunt on the behalf of Funimation, and NOT one that will ultimately cut into their viewings (and definitely not nearly as much as the contrary action would've). The only people for whom this would damage the show would be long-term fans dedicated fans of Vic's work, and while he is quite a talented voice artist, I don't feel that following is enough to really dissuade or damage Dragon Ball in a meaningful way. Especially not when a lot of that fan community around Vic has become as toxic as it has. I'm also somewhat critical of your attitude that "it won't be the same without him." While Vic is a solid voice actor, by no means is he the best, and by no means is he the only one who can bring a character like Broly to life. Especially when Broly is only now getting a fleshed out character who is dramatically departed from the one that Vic originally worked on. On the front of the Japanese Sub, I again don't really feel that there's too much damage being taken on the voice acting front. As it stands, Japanese audiences seem to have no outspoken issues with the voices, and very few of the VAs have expressed a wish to move on from the project. That said, once they do, so long as they handle the "passing of the torch" in an open and respectful manner, then long-term viewership shouldn't suffer. We have seen this before, many times, and while you'll have an initial backlash from the (bordering-on-cultist) fans of the old VAs, as long as it is that VA's choice, and they are open and clear about why they chose that, then viewership shouldn't suffer in the long-term. There'll still be a drop off around the adjustment period where the new VAs are finding their feet and their takes on the characters, but these dips normally pass relatively quickly. Also, sorry that you got the movie spoiled for you, but I need to wonder why you engaged with these YouTubers quite to the degree you did? I'm not a long-term follower of Geekdom, but from what I've seen, he's normally quite good at giving spoiler warnings in advance. Either way, I would still recommend you see the movie since there is a lot to be said about how beautiful and fluid the newer animation was. The plot still has some issues here and there, largely born from Dragon Ball's power scaling, but it was definitely the best Dragon Ball movie to date, and spoilers really shouldn't bar you from enjoying it for what it is. And if nothing else, in your statements, you need to be aware that for better or worse, Dragon Ball sustains. Around criticisms of the original, it sustained, around controversy, it has sustained, and against fan outrage, it sustains. It even sustained having a successor show (GT) that largely "tainted" the show in the eyes of audiences. Even Toriyama giving up on Dragon Ball, and moving on, even with Toyotaro and the animation studio following in tow, would not stop Dragon Ball at this point. There is too much of a cult(ure) built around it, in the West, but ESPECIALLY in the East, for it die off any time soon and with any ease. Broly's insane viewership has proved that it's still financially viable, FighterZ's popularity is evidence enough of the game's being viable (with Super Dragon Ball Heroes now coming to the West in response to the IP's near-blanket viability), and while there is an outspoken minority voice that held disdain for Super (myself included), the majority voice does not care and was satisfied with it's overall quality. Dragon Ball is, kind of horrifically, still growing in size and popularity, and even if Toriyama gives up on it and says there's nothing more he can do with it, Jump will keep it going. Only way off now is for the series to continue long-enough for the world to get sick of it, and with how much ground it has gained since Super launched (especially remembering that early Super was heavily criticized and hated), it would be willfully choosing the facts to not acknowledge that it's going to persist like this for a long time. Whether it's good, or not.
  6. Denithan

    Movie Collection 2

    I think you somewhat missed what I was saying on Bojack there xD I don't think he needs Blue by any means, I just find his design boring as it hits all the same points as Blue to a T. If you make a list of things Blue does, and a list of things Bojack does, they'd just about be identical. Now that you bring up Discard Hate as an anti-Broly though, it does make me curious if this means that Majin Vegeta will continue as he has been, and if he will exist as a hard-counter to Broly.
  7. I figured I'd make this thread since several cards from the upcoming set have been shown now, and I figured it could be fun to talk about. Namely, we have new Broly levels and Bojack finally has an MP. Now, I'm not going to bother doing a full breakdown of either stack. There are plenty of those online already, and honestly, they are both very straight forward stacks that don't really require big breakdowns. But I do kind of want to explore the biggest positive I see in the new Broly levels; The ability to somehow restrict the old Broly stack. I know a lot of people would rebel against the idea, and just be incensed by the idea, especially since I don't think Broly has been performing THAT well in recent competitive scenes. But honestly, I'm just glad that it's even an OPTION now since previously, there was no way to restrict him without making the MP entirely unplayable. Now, if there is another big shift in the meta, and he starts to dominate entirely, they can emergency restrict one of his levels or something, and use that as a short-term fix while they work up to a newer fix. That said, it's also kind of cool that we now have Energy Beats Broly. I don't really think his new stack is quite as overwhelming as his classic stack, but I like it's synergy with Rampaging Mastery and the ability to almost just skip to level 3/4 off of a single decent combat. His first level comes across as serving the same function as Awakening Trunks(?), and his search on Level 2 basically gives you his 3 so long as you have ANY +2 anger card in hand already. That said, I could easily see this getting overwhelming/broken depending on what other cards come in this set. Bojack is considerably more boring, which I actually find surprising (at least, personally). I straight up think he's the entire Blue Style wrapped up neatly in a single MP, and considering that I main Blue and love Bojack, that feels like it's a love letter. But he's just not interesting to me? Anger control is neat, Level controlling is neat, his Setup and Ally aren't bad by any means, but he doesn't really capture me. I'll still give him a shot (probably on OCTGN), but he's TOO Blue in the same way that Bardock was... Well, yeah. Like, Blue thematically has Allies and Setups. He has that. It thematically has some anger control, both supporting their own, and lowering the opponent's. He has that. Blue has some controlled Rejuv. He has that. Blue has board control (Betrayal and co.). HE HAS THAT. It could be cool to have these Blue themes in the other colors, but he feels like a checklist. |: What do you guys think so far? Also, hoping for/looking forward to a new Gohan stack personally.
  8. Denithan

    Balance, Value, and Realization

    Hey @Majin Goo, I don't mean to put you on the spot, but I was curious what your current feelings for Artifact were at present? I've seen a few stories and forum posts around online claiming that the game is struggling, and borderline dead, but I've not really seen any explorations of that, or really any evidence to support that. I'm also kind of curious; What would you say the game state is like at present?
  9. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Alright, so coming back to this again because I finally got to see the Broly movie myself, and; Honestly, it was fantastic. Surprisingly, they didn't retcon half as much as we all thought, if anything at all (Goku isn't as old as Vegeta/Broly, Bardock still has a final stand against Freeza [alluded to, but not depicted]), and just... Yeah. Broly is a much stronger character. Both in power scaling, but also in terms of writing. You don't get to see a dramatic amount of his character in this sadly, but what we do see is more than enough to develop some kind of emotional connection to him and it's really interesting to see an "innocent Saiyan" discovering their universe again (ala. Goku, Gohan). Some mild criticisms remain. I didn't like how they chant Broly/Gogeta's names. It was unnecessary and... Weird. Kind of pulled me out of the moment since the music prior to and following those moments was perfect. I'm also incredibly indifferent to Broly just naturally being able to reach Gogeta-esque levels of power. It feels like they threw the baby out with the bath water that he was introduced at such an insane level of power. Hrm. As for what it did for the greater Dragon Ball story? Well, Broly is now an ace in the hole. For either Freeza, or the Z-Fighters, we'll need to wait and see there. He's also been likened to Beerus in raw ability. Goku and Vegeta now canonically know the Fusion Dance. Gogeta is now always in the cards so long as they're both featured characters. Bardock doesn't have precognitive powers, but was able to sense that Freeza was going to wipe out the Saiyans, and was depicted as battle damaged and tired when he attempted to stop Freeza. He also cares about Raditz, at least in a fleeting, curious sense. Freeza only owned the Saiyans for some 5 years before wiping them out. Cold owned them prior to that, and was previously the out-and-out galactic emperor, so a bit more lore for the family (even if we could infer it prior). And I think that's it? If I've missed something, feel free to throw it in. Not a perfect movie, but definitely a strong movie, and easily the best Dragon Ball movie to date. Probably an 8/10 for me? Would definitely be interested in an extended cut.
  10. Denithan

    Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    So, now that the Broly movie is all-but-released everywhere, and spoilers are abound, what is everyone's thoughts about what's happening with Dragon Ball? Heck, if you're one of the people who's seen the movie already, what are your thoughts? I've not really seen the movie yet myself, but having seen a bit of the spoilers, it seems... Cool? I would never argue that Dragon Ball is a very deep, philosophical story, but it seems to hit a lot of the notes people would want from a Broly movie. Still a bit meh about Broly being a good guy, but his new backstory is kind of touching (in an abstract way), and I would probably like him if he wasn't unreasonably powerful. Like, put this at the end of the original Dragon Ball, pre-GoD stuff, and yeah, I could get behind it? My biggest chagrin from the movie is mostly just that the future of Dragon Ball is pretty much tied to the train that is the 3 U7 Saiyans.
  11. Denithan

    Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I respect that, quite a lot actually. But again, my issue is more that this time of year takes a lot out of my bank, and with how many things tend to go wrong in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, I tend to just not spend anything until we're into the new year (and I'm determined that I won't buy a game to knowingly get the refund later). But I would sincerely be interested in any content you upload, so be sure to post links if you do go for it.
  12. Denithan

    Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Somewhat of an ask, especially since there are a few videos here and there online regarding the game, but is there a chance that any of you have uploaded a few videos of the game? I tend to find this time of year somewhat taxing financially, so I'm not really in a situation to spare the money. But I'd still be interested in seeing someone run through what they think are the strong-suits of the game, and in watching some high-tier play.
  13. First off, where the heck IS everyone? Alright, moving on. Having gotten back into DBSuper's TCG at the site's prompt, it's hit me once again that they have unconsciously limited the lifespan of the game to only as long as the Dragon Ball IP will carry it. Some people won't see this as a problem, or an issue, especially when there's still so much to be done, but what I'm digging at there is that there is nothing in the game's mechanics, gameplay, or frankly anything else that MAKE it a Dragon Ball game. It is, for all intents, just a fairly bare TCG frame that can be used for pretty much any IP. This is something I've brought up before, of course, so nothing new. But that got me wondering what other IPs would interact really well with Pan-Z's update to the Score game model? And I want to be clear, I want to find ones that would work both in terms of flavor, and in terms of fitting the model. In theory, you could probably force any IP to work with the game, but a lot of them would come out feeling... Dull, imo. The big one for me so far though is; Digimon: Hands down my favorite one, and the one I think would almost straight-up just port into the Pan-Z model. Also the main one that I'd actually want. The MP-Levels easily correspond to the Digimon-life cycle, you can change Drills out to Tamers or have Tamers function the same way Sensei decks of old did, Crests could be used as Element-Specific versions of Kaioken/Unleashed that forsake the MPPV equivalent, find a way to break up the Crest of Miracles/Destiny into multiple pieces for a DBV-equivalant and so on. As for Ultras/Fusions, you could easily slot them in as either alternative Level 4s who give up MPPV, or have them be a boosted Level 5 that you get through a card like Gohan's Backlash. MP stacks would probably be the most difficult, depending on if you want to follow evolutionary lines, or specific Digimon from the series. With the former, it's pretty easy to fit in a Pokemon-esque box in the corner that says "Evolves From," and let people build their own stacks. Alternatively, have a Tamer's image in the corner, and make that dictate your stack (which seems mighty boring to me). Of course, it's also worth mentioning: DC/Marvel: The obvious one, and kind of what we had hopes for MetaX (at least, I think). Honestly, I don't actually know how well Comic-Universes would naturally fit into the PanZ Model. Rather, I think you'd need to make some edits; The big one being to change the "Power Level" to "Tiers of Strength" since there's such a unimaginable difference between Superman and Batman. Either scrap the MP-Levels (since transformations are incredibly rare in DC), or remodel it to focus on "experience and time" as the flavor (even changing out Anger for Experience). Make it so instead of MPPV, you can get wins by Intimidation, and scrap the Dragon Balls/DBV (in favor of Infinity Gems/Stones on Marvel, no idea what you could change it for in DC). It's almost entirely flavor, but it feels weirdly important to me. Most Shonen Properties: Don't want to talk about this one at length, since it feels self-evident. If you guys wanna explore it though, go for gold. The big ones obviously all work (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, MHA). I also think IPs like Megaman (specifically Battle Network) could work within this model with some minor changes here and there.
  14. With Dragon Ball Super finished, I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how good or bad it really was. What did it do for the Dragon Ball series, extended lore, video games, and merch? How has it helped/affected the anime industry, HAS it affected the industry, and how does it match-up to Z, or even GT? Now I want to preface this by saying that I don't actually have any figures. So I straight up cannot make educated (or even informed) guesses as to how it's affected the anime industry, or how well it's merch has sold. About the most I can say is that Super seemed to have attracted a fair amount of attention, with a LOT of anime-based serials focusing heavily on the series and doing articles episode by episode (which isn't too surprising for a headline Shounen anime), and quite a few streaming services paying it credit for growths in website traffic. How this has actually translated to the industry however, is beyond me. But addressing Super directly, for me, is a... Complicated feeling? Like, there's a lot of me on this forum defending certain decisions in Super. And tbh, I am okay with things like, assuming Trunks learned Galick Gun from Vegeta in the two years they spent alone together. I mean, if nothing else, I really doubt that Vegeta didn't at least TRY to improve his Galick Gun, and that's probably how we got the Final Flash in the first place. Unless he just... Winged the Final Flash against Cell. Likewise, I'm kind of... Well no, I was never okay with Super Saiyan Rage, but I could live with it. The main thing that bothered me was that it wasn't necessary. Like, if Trunks had just turned Super Saiyan 3, I would've gotten the EXACT same pay-off as with Rage, understood the transformation, and would've had none of the complaints. Actually, to be honest, I have a lot of small complaints like that. Like, why was Super Saiyan Blue necessary? Shit, why did we need Goku and Vegeta being able to turn into SSGod at will? We actually had just about the perfect "Final Form" transformation for Dragon Ball in God from a narrative standpoint. It was a transformation that didn't invalidate the past achievements and jumps in Super Saiyan because it was inconvenient. You needed a group of Saiyans, you needed to perform the ritual, and it took time to finalize the transformation. That is an excellent premise, and would've really put pressure on the heroes in certain situations such as with Goku Black. Imagine if the issue with the future timeline wasn't that Black would just magically get stronger for no real reason, but that he could access the Super Saiyan God form without the ritual (or timeline), and there weren't actually enough Saiyans in the future timeline for them to perform the ritual themselves. But putting these issues to the side, I think I was able to overall stomach most of the developments with Super (even when they actively retconned lore). Heck, I even found myself somewhat getting into it a lot of the time such as with Kaioken Blue (because fuck yeah, Kaioken), or Trunks' Final Flash (respecting that it was meaningless). But the switch for me, personally, was Mastered Ultra Instinct. When the hair went white. Holy shit did that sour my overall opinion on the show. In comparing GT and Super, I always kind of worked on the premise of GT had better ideas, but worse execution, while Super has worse ideas, but significantly better execution. And I genuinely always found that GT's execution was so bad that I just couldn't salvage anything from it. At all. The most I got was that I liked Baby up until the Strongest Form transformations. But after the reveal of the white hair... Holy shit, I actually think that Super may have been just as bad as GT. About the only positive I can give it is that I can watch certain scenes from it without any negative feelings. EXCEPT. That Dragon Ball Super was literally meaningless in regards to plot. The only thing that Battle of Gods did was introduce GoDs and angels. Frieza is dead at the start of Resurrection "F", and is dead at the end. Trunks' timeline is destroyed, and there's no fix. Until Whis magically comes up with a fix, and completely undoes any emotional impact of that entire plot-line (going on another side-rant here, this was just an objectively dumb move. Trunks saving his timeline could've been a really huge character arc in the Universe Survival Arc, where he was fighting not to save Universe 7, but to save his future. Not to mention how THAT would have affected Vegeta's motivations.) Universes are destroyed, and at the end, they're all instantly resurrected. The only difference in the world of Dragon Ball from the start of Super to the end of Super is that Frieza is alive again. Oh boy, that sure was worth 132 fucking episodes. And every single one of these arcs HAD to introduce a new transformation. Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Blue Kaioken, Rage, Evolution and Ultra Instinct, and then Mastered Ultra Instinct. It was always a meme that Dragon Ball had an issue with transformations, but oh my god, STOP. Please. None of these mean anything, and it's just... At least GT pretty much just did Super Saiyan 4. As of MUI, I actually feel that Super has only done harm to the series. Anyway, I intended this to be a kind of analysis post. I wanted to break down it's effects on the DBZ video games, and how it has helped from a business perspective, but instead I ended up having a rant. But what do you guys all think? Did anyone else have the same feeling I did of just being done with it by the time it finished? Or am I just expecting too much? I'd genuinely love to know the thoughts and feels of other long-term Dragon Ball fans when looking back on Super.

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