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  1. I can't find a definitive answer for this, I know that "at the end of combat" effects are still "during combat" for effect text purposes, but do entering combat effects happen during combat? EDIT: Never-the-fuck-mind, how do I delete this?
  2. I keep forgetting that I took Unleashed out of my slug deck for some reason. I think it's sort of a consistency/Garnet argument based on the fact that I only run three attachable cards (3 copies of thrust) but I guess you don't have to worry about cards not being in your deck in Namekian xD
  3. I honestly think these FanZ sets have been a lot more balanced for the end of PanZ's lifespan than the end of PanZ's lifespan was compared to set 1 staples. I don't think power creep has hit FanZ that hard, and when I look at the newest set I see cards with very bold mechanical differences that make you question whether or not to run them. Also, Hot Take: Steven Universe would work on the Score/PanZ engine better than most comic universes. That, and any video game IP with an extensive form-change/equipment/power-up gimmick. Like Mario's power-up suits could make excellent MP levels.
  4. Very bold game design, I joked that this set seems "aggressively well balanced" seeing as there are so many cards that I'd have to think really hard about splashing into older builds without major changes. I legit don't think even the new low-power-level support card in Namekian fits into my Lord Slug deck, because I don't want to switch off of Radiant Mastery.
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