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  1. Looks like im building an amplified 18... Thanks so much for the help.
  2. So Im working on a Hero Android 18 amplified build and the whole point was to play free energy attacks, but then I utilized my rarely used brain and remember that Amplified cannot lower the stage cost to 0, But lets say I play a 2 stage cost attack, lower the first stage with amplified than the remainder of stages with 18 (Hero 18)? How does this pan out, would the cost be 1 or would it be 0??
  3. Looking for a good Majin Vegeta build, I like the one that RandomNumberGaming made (Ruthless), But it does not include anything from Movie Collection 2, So I don't know if thats great, I will post The one that I like and if any changes are recommenced, or any completely different builds are recommended please leave a link/list. Thank you! 1x Red Ruthless Mastery 1x Vegeta - Untethered Rage 1x Vegeta - Malicious 1x Vegeta - Relentless 1x Vegeta - Redeemed 3x Vegeta's Final Flash 2x Red Forceful Strike 3x Red Double Strike 3x Red Furious Lunge 3x I'll Dig Your Grave! 2x Red Stomach Dive 3x Red Tandem Attack 3x Red Shoulder Grab 3x Red Sword Stab 3x Concussive Strike 3x Red Collision 3x Red Heel Kick 1x Red Restriction 2x Stare Down 1x Red Observation 3x Unleashed 2x Red Inferno 1x Red Brace 3x Red Disregard 3x Red Resourceful Block 3x Red Escape 3x Red Blocking Hand 1x Time is a Warrior's Tool
  4. Thank you, I found that list, but for some reason mine wasn't updated, It sucks devious is still frozen, it was my favorite mastery...
  5. Hello forum, is was wondering if I could possibly get a list of all the frozen cards in the DBZ Fanz game. I took a break and I'm having trouble finding one or finding a link to one after ive started back up again (started playing Fan z). All help appreciated.
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