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  1. so this card is so OP .... O_____O
  2. I have a question about the card 「King Cold, Father of the Emperor」, https://6d4be195623157e28848-7697ece4918e0a73861de0eb37d08968.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/137998_200w.jpg i can play this card without pay the cost of 4 energy because he has a skill that says [Counter: Battle Card Attack] Play this card from your hand and change the target of the attack to this card. So for me this means that i 'haven' to to pay 4 energy to play this for the Counter effect from my hand. Correct? I write this to Bandai and they wrote that i'haven't to pay the cost for this card to Counter an attack of a battle card.. so this King Cold is OP.. This is what they wrote to me: Answer There is no need to pay the cost. If you do not specify otherwise, payment of the cost is unnecessary when the card is played by skill. And you? what do you think about this?
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