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  1. well Jesus does mirko seem to like to send me a crappy looking scan. the little plastic sleeve is blurring it it looks better in and that i just pulled my 3 year old printer out
  2. Hi im Chase! i would like to sell this Card. Gohan Legit!! Throw a price im reading 480.00. Champions Aura as title. I want to keep it but couldnt get another so im selling it.
  3. Goku Non- Toikuwaza 1-6 Goku Drills 2x Pan's Tea time drill 2x Gokus entrapped drill 1x Vegetas quickness drill setups 3x Dinner date 1x Trunks reconstruction location 3x snakeway Combat 1x epic battle of the saiyans 1x general ridos force field 3x aerial elusion 1x Masterful defense 2x its the inside that counts Physical Combat 4x Gokus brawling 4x Gokus sacrificial Restraint 4x Goku's suprise Charge 4x goku's obscure jabs Energy Combat 3x Strength of the dragon 4x Gokus final assault (op promo for Over powered) obviously just learned that 3x Vegetas ss4's straight shot 3x the true face of evil Allies lvl 1 Suguro lvl 1-3 goten lvl 1-3 gohan lvl 1-2 elder kai lvl 1 pan the juvenile lvl 2 Trunks battle worn Lvl 1 Roshi lvl 1-2 Vegeta 1-7 cracked set i thinlk thats it for now 15 other decks just being shelved fought when the month arrives
  4. Hey Again Top TIer!! I have been dominating at games still and have had too retire at some of them. they are getting to vast to sit and complete on a good day : example.. Assassin creeds are getting way to big, but they are coming to a quick finish. by that i mean the game companies are running low on material. so i may play them. im a 44700 in GS on xbox. and i play starcraft 2 only from blizzard and im a 10 on playstation. im not gonna catcxh the millionaires but they are fun as son of a gun! in the meanwhile about 500 on dbz score entertainment CCG. I have a Goku GT deck non expanded focus GT and im switching it to supreme or concealed.with a 2 card switch/....././././ I wanna Play someody at at tournament ive known about that game for years 97".
  5. anybody play CCG Score anymore
  6. Is this still being used. I need some players to spare against. i play frequently
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