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Play the Dragon Ball Z TCG Online via OCTGN (Set-up Guide)

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Patch for Vengeance is LIVE!


An automatic update on OCTGN will add the new cards on the next restart of the program. Make sure to download the latest image pack from the download section to add card images.


Maintaining the OCTGN DBZ TCG Patch requires a great deal of maintenance, coordination, and support; in addition to hosting for the image packs. Please consider a donation if you enjoy playing the Dragon Ball Z TCG on OCTGN. Any amount is appreciated!


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Hey, now that Worlds has been over for a bit, I was wondering if there was an ETA on an Awakening update for Fusion Format on OCTGN?


Unfortunately nobody at my LGS plays Fusion Format so that's pretty much the only way I get to play the format.

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Hey guys I'm totally new to this just got octgn and also dbz card game but I cant download any image packs for it because when I click the link it says server 404 not found soo idk what to do, I'm pretty bummed I was psyched to play but theres no point with no images. if anyone can help me plz let me know plzzzz

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