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Fantastic Promos (and where to find them)

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Ok, figured it would be good to get a comprehensive list of where to find Promos and which ones have already been released: (Official release only, no information given on mis-print non-foil promos that ended up in packs)

Set 1 (Fully released)
P1 Vegeta – Prince of Saiyans - SDCC 2014 Panini Handout
P2 Goku – Protector of Earth - SDCC 2014 Panini Handout
P3 Gohan – Resilient Child - SDCC 2014 Panini Handout
P4 Krillin – Ready - SDCC 2014 Panini Handout
P5 Goku – Super Saiyan God - SDCC 2014 Funimation Handout
P6 Piccolo – Stoic - Funimation DBZ Season 9 Bluray (look for sticker on cover)
P7 Goku’s Kamehameha - Set 1 Release tournament and early tournament Kits
P8 Time Is A Warrior’s Tool - Set 1 Release tournament and early tournament Kits
P9 Vegeta’s Galick Gun - Tournament kit
P10 Confrontation - Tournament kit
P11 Trunks’ Sword Slash - Set 2 Release tournament and early tournament Kits
P12 Stare Down - Set 2 Release tournament and early tournament Kits
P13 Frieza – Tyrant - 2015 Convention Tournament Kit entry prize
P14 Gohan’s Masenko - Sent to stores that applied for regionals but didn't get one, SDCC 2015 handout
P15 Frieza’s Supernova - Tournament kit
P16 Black Scout Maneuver - Tournament kit
P17 Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon - Tournament kit
P18 Blue Terror - Tournament kit
P19 Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch - Tournament kit
P20 Saiyan Power Up - Tournament kit
P21 Krillin’s Destructo Disk - Set 3 Release Tournament, SDCC 2015 booth handout

Set 2 - Heroes & Villains (Fully Released)
P1 Saiyan Intimidation - Set 3 Release tournament
P2 Isolation - Set 3 Release tournament
P3 Orange Dodge - Tournament Kit
P4 Wall Breaker - 2015 Regional Event Participation
P5 Red Overpower - Tournament Kit
P6 Withering Fire - 2015 Regional Event Top Cut
P7 Blue Crush - August 2015 Tournament Kit
P8 Black Enraged Assault - 2015 Regional Event Top Cut
P9 Namekian Clash- August 2015 Tournament Kit
P10 Saiyan Outrage - 2015 Regional Event Participation
P11 Red Controlled Attack - April 2016 tournament Kit winner promo
P12 Orange Possession Drill - 2015 Regional Event Participation
P13 Black Declaration - April 2016 tournament Kit participation promo
P14 Blue Overpowering Drill - Tournament Kit
P15 Saiyan Body Blow - Tournament Kit
P16 Red Stop - Tournament Kit
P17 Orange Hand Cannon - Tournament Kit

Set 3 - Movie Collection (Fully Released)
P1 - Black Searching Technique - Set 4 Release event binder promo
P2 - Blue Betrayal - 2015 Qualifier Event Participation, 2015 Worlds Event Participation
P3 - Orange Power Point - 2015 Qualifier Event Participation, 2015 Worlds Event Participation
P4 - Red Shoulder Grab - 2015 Qualifier Event Participation, 2015 Worlds Event Participation
P5 - Saiyan Offensive Rush - Set 5 release event binder promo
P6 - Namekian Onslaught - 2015 Worlds Entry Prize
P7 - Blue Positioning Drill - Set 4 Release event participation promo
P8 - Devastating Blow - 2015 Qualifier Event Participation, 2015 Worlds Event Participation
P9 - Orange Stare Down - Set 4 Release event winner promo
P10 - Black Power Up - 2015 Qualifier Event Participation, 2015 Worlds Event Participation
P11 - Saiyan Energy Focus - 2015 Worlds Entry Prize
P12 - Black Back Strike - ARG Regional Top Cut
P13 - Saiyan Aerial Attack - ARG Regional promo
P14 - Heroic Energy Sphere - 2015 Worlds Entry Prize
P15 - Villainous Energy Sphere - 2015 Worlds Entry Prize
P16 Frieza - Golden - San Diego Comic Con 2015 Funimation/Panini handout

Set 4 - Evolution (note - Set 4 promos thus far are NOT alt art, but do have updated templates)
P1 - Namekian Knowledge Mastery (MRP) - Accidentally packed in some packs, no official release
P2 - Black Punishment (MRP) - Gencon 2016 Top Cut plus Dragon Prix
P3 - Black Corruption (MRP) - Set 5 Release event participation promo
P4 - Trunks Bashfull Ally (MRP) (misprint, missing "Ally" text and printed in blue MP template) - Retailer promo, 2016 Judge promo
P5 - Orange Crashing Drill (MRP) - May 2016 tournament kit participation promo
P6 - Quickness Drill (MRP) - Set 5 Release event winner promo
P7 - Black Scout Maneuver (MRP) - Summer 2016 Tournament Kit participation promo
P8 - Combination Drill (MRP) - Regional 2016 participation
P11 - Goku - Super Saiyan (Set 1 lvl 4) (MRP) - ARG at Worlds 2016 (Top 8)

Set 5 - Perfection (Unlike set 4, set 5 MRP cards DO have alt art)
P1 - Blue Dominance - Teased but unreleased
P2 - Blinding Energy Move - Worlds Invite 2016
P3 - Orange Hiding Drill - Regional 2016 Top cut
P4 - Visiting the Past - Regional 2016 Participation
P5 - Saiyan Enraged - 2016 ARG Entry Promo (Circuit Series only)
P7 - Black Swirl - Worlds Invite 2016
P8 - Blue Slash - May 2016 tournament kit winner promo
P9 - Red Trailing Blast - Gencon Entry
P10 - Orange Destruction - Set 6 Release Event top cut
P11 - Saiyan Domination - Set 6 Release Event entry
P12 - Namekian Targeted Strike - Worlds Invite 2016
P13 - Red City Destruction - Gencon 2016 Entry plus Dragon Prix
P14 - Orange Uppercut (MRP)- Gencon 2016 Top cut plus Dragon Prix

Set 6 - Vengeance
P1 - Black Smoothness Drill - Target 3 pack blister December 2016
P2 - Orange Precise Shot - Gencon Top Cut
P3 - Blue Lifting Drill - GameStop 3 pack blister December 2016
P4 - Red Double Strike - Worlds Invite 2016
P5 - Saiyan Pinpoint Blast - Regional 2016 participation
P6 - Namekian Gut Punch - Regional 2016 Top cut
P7 - Black Defensive Burst - Set 7 Release Event top cut
P8 - Orange Devouring Drill - Worlds Invite 2016
P9 - Namekian Combat Drill - Set 7 Release Event entry
P10 - Red Energy Blast - Summer 2016 Tournament Kit winner promo
P11 - Blue Barrier - 2016 Season Judge Exclusive Promo
P12 - Beerus God of Destruction (Hero/Villain ally) - SDCC 2016 promo

Set 7 - Awakening
P2 - Saiyan Skull Jab - tournament kit, Oct/Nov 2016 winner
P4 - Red Bribe - ARG at Worlds 2016 entry promo
P5 - Orange Fierce Attack - tournament kit, Oct/Nov 2016 entry

P6 - Black Overload - tournament kit, January 2017 winner

P13 - Quick Blast - tournament kit, January 2017 entry
P16 - I'll Dig Your Grave - Worlds Invite 2016

Please post any information here on new or future releases and we will add it to the list.

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Also Styrder. They already have some of Set 2 promos and how they are available via regional participation.


All participants in these events will receive a copy of P10 Saiyan Outrage, P12 Orange Possession Drill, and P4 Wall Breaker.

Players that qualify for the top cut will receive a playset of P6 Withering Fire and P8 Black Enraged Assault.



For Gencon/AUS/Toronto


All participants will receive an alternate art promo version of Orange Power Point, Devastating Blow, and Black Power Up! Additionally, all players that qualify for the top cut will receive promo playsets of Blue Betrayal and Red Shoulder Grab.




All participants in the event (and a select number of top performers throughout the season) will receive alternate art playsets of Heroic Energy Sphere, Villainous Energy Sphere, Saiyan Energy Focus, Namekian Onslaught, and all five Qualifier promos! 

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