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Hello to all, New player Memphis area.

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Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.


I bought starter decks and such back in the day when this first released but never did anything with it.  Been reading, browsing, and lurking like crazy trying to catch up to the difference of Panini.  Since I never truly learned to play in the beginning it makes it easy to learn the set up now.  Any advice is welcome.  I'm still working on constructing my first deck.  Very excited to be apart of this community!

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Welcome to the site and to the DBZ community. You picked the right place for looking up advice, tips on deck building and just being able to talk to some of the best players in the DBZ community. My advice for you is to pick a deck for you that doesn't cost much and play a few games. Get a feel of the game and the understanding of the rules, basic and advanced. If you don't have the cards to build your deck, proxy them, or ask a fellow player in the community.


Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything. We as a community, like to help one another out and welcome new players with open arms. Nothing beats the DBZ community. I hope to hear soon on what deck you wanna play.

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