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New Player - Colorado Area

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Hello all!


I've been lurking on the forum since before set 3, but I've decided to finally register so I can prod you all with my strange ideas and likely obviously-answered questions.


I'm a LONG time CCG and "other nerdly pursuits" player (as may be evidenced by my user name), but this go-around of the DBZ card game is going to be the first time I've really waded into it wholeheartedly. I admittedly have more time to think about the game versus actually playing it, but I'm going to try to be as informed as I can be going into my games to get the best out of them. I'm not above net-decking, so to speak, but I do like to take a swing or two at unique ideas as they crop up.


As evidenced by the subject line, I'm in Colorado - namely, the Denver Metro area. I've already met a number of folks down at Enchanted Grounds, and if that group is indicidive of the community as a whole I suspect that I'll be pretty pleased to be joining in the fun. I think I can guess some of the faces of the users here, from my few times down there.


I hope I can contribute to the discussion - with all this time to think, I might be able to filter a good idea or two out of the dross for you all to chew on.

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Hmm... 'style' is less of a way to describe what I like to play, since right now you can design multiple ways in several styles right now. I'm leaning a bit to orange and black right now, but looking at card lists always gives me some idea for something.

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